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Episode 5
The episode starts from Next day somu tries to close with yuvi in the absence of suhani. Yuvi again become lonely and he feels something for suhani. Pratima notices him and told yuvi: I want suhani to come back yuvi suddenly said yes if she is here torture me and make me busy anytime (saying this yuvi smile)
pratima: ok then give me idea to call her back. He says I ll think and goes.
Yuvi came to sharad room and sees bhavana phone rings. No one in room he thinks to attent the call. Seeing phone he is happy yes it was suhani call.
Sharad: y u smile? attend the call?
Yuvi: r u sure?
Sh nodes. Yuvi attends the call. Suhani: di how are u? am missing u and somu, how is sharadjiju, maa,saurab etc….
Yuvi: just relax suhani. All r fine here. But u left one important person!
Suhani: recognize his voice(silently she smiles and thinks yuvani moments in BH ) few sec later…
yuvraj how are u? sry for left u.par tum toh kush ho na. am not the to irritate u.
Yuvi: yuvraj gives big sigh of relief.. ohh angry on u, u left without informing me.
Suhani: sry..sry.papa me cal karke muje aane kliye kaha. So meine socha sadu ko kyu disturb karogi..
Yuvi: its ok suhani i frgv u.this time. Ok shall u give urphone number?
Suhani: iss me pochne KI kya Hi yuvraj takes from di’s phone. (pankaj cal her and she cuts the call and says talk to u later)
Yuvi gets happy after her call. Sharad and pratima sees him.Somu asks yuvi to take her out as she is boring in home. Yuvi says ok takes sharadbhavana also with him. Somu fumes. They went out.
Evening they were return to BH.
Yuvi rings calling bell and gets shocked seeing suhani there opens the door with smiling face. He cant believe his eyes.
Bhavana hugs suhani and ask when u come? Yuvi comes out of his dream and ask the same.
Suhani: yuvi u only told na I left without informing so only I came back this time I will inform and left ok!
Yuvi smiles says sach bolo suhani tume mujse yad arahi isliye na.and make fake annoyance face to suhani .suhani: oh sadu itna sapno mat deko. Ok. and goes inside. Somu shocked suhani back. Sharad and bavana notices yuvi reaction and smile. Sharad told bavana I think guru loves suhani.. bavana if its true I ll b more happy…
Suhani argues with menka and ask her to come play. Menka says I will choose the game. Then they call everyone in garden after dinner. Suhani somu and menka arrange for fire camp.
Everyone came to garden. Rags and saurabmenka and anuj talking about yuvi changed now a days.
Suhani come there wearing a white paatiyalaslwar and hair open. Yuvi sees suhani he feel ful lmooncame to earth..and lost by seeing her in white..he start stares her.(yuvi also came there wearing white full hand shirt and white pant. Somu comes there wearing black night suit and seeing yuvi who looks handsome in tat white. Bhavanasharad also wearing same colour dress.)suhani feels yuvi staring her.. yuvi: u look cute In white ..
Suh: thank u and u also looking gud..but not than amidab!
Yuvi: ambitab…suhani wats d prob in ur eyes? By saying he touches her eyes… am i looking old in ur eyes.
Suh: prob not in my eyes..u r eyes having prob.. yuvi:oh pls suhani i cant argue with u.. am getting tired by ur talks..
suh: thn y u fight wit me..yuvi: aise acha lagta hi.. 🙂
Suh: wow sadu ko acha lagta hi… ok thn dont kidding me, dont argue with me… if u tease me by my weught and samosa i left ur home nw itself!! 🙂 u enjoy without me..
Yuvi: (closes her mouth by his hands) i wont kiding u..nd samosa pls dont go. I felt lonely. she pulls his shirt collar wen yuvi closes her mouth by his hands.They smiling each other and had eyelock (saware music plays) somu sees them and fumes. Thy got disturbed by menka sound..
Menka rags bet with suhani. Rags : suhani v l decide whose voice is best.. then othr defeated person must do wat winner says. Suhani accepts. Menka start sings.. bavana and pratima smiles.saurab anuj came . Anuj: maa whr s tat donkey.. who lets donkey inside …. menka stop by their laugh.. menka gets angry.. ok then hear another donkey voice…
menka: suunai its ur turn.. bavana suggest her fav song to suhani.
Suhani : ok di… she closes her eyes and remember tat song nd yuvi… she starts singing…. yuvi comes thr by her song….and thy smiles each other…

Haan aa o…Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)
Saari hadein maine meri, ab mainetod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gayeHaan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gayeAa o… aa…
Kya khoob Rab ne kiyaBin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaanHum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gayeHaan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan Meri zameen ban gayeO…aa… o…

suhani sings song by seeing yuvi… yuvi feels she sings fr him.. she finishes.
all r praises suhani singing.. bavana told she learnt music in childhood. Yuvi : waise ur voice s not bad ..i lik little…
suh: thank u…fr ur complements.
yuvi: ok i ll call wen i am getting bored..thn u com and make me happy by ur talent.. suhani smiles and i am not a radio fr u.. u can take menka bhabi help.. and goee smiles. Yuvi looks at her..
All r happily playing pratima watching the end saurab took beer bottle and opens suhani moves back and collides with yuvi.. somu comes to suhani and ask her to move as she is not like this type of fun. Suhani leaves. Yuvi: somu y suhani don’t likths?
Somu: she don’t lik beer smile.
Yuvi: its ok. U likths ah?
Somu: ya I don’t have any problem. Somu enjoys fun with yuvi.
Yuvi sees suhani and pratima sits near fire and talking he also goes to them.
Somu fumes and goes near to fire and putting more fire. Anuj comes and takes yuvi all boys have fun by making yuvi shirt dirt and tries to removes his shirt to make fun..suhani smile seeing their fun.menka start throw water on anuj but it throws on suhani she got wed and goes to change in her room. Yuvi also go to change his shirt in his room..

Precap: yuvani hugs each other. yuvraj turns suhani towards him.. suhani closes her eyes…

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    Wow… hot! Our lovers in white and under the moonlight, sooo amazing. I loved it, what a treat xx

  5. wow ww this epi is marvelous.evry scene is amazing specially suhani and yuvraj in white i loved it .plz plz update nxt very very soon as i’m eagely waiting for it.

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