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Episode 4
The episode starts with…all r shocked seeing yuvis heroic look.…Yuvi walks towards thm.. he s wearing close neck black jean.. his hair was slowly flows in air..yuvi cares his hair lik hero.. he s look lik a bollywood hero.. suhani s stuned to see him.. (sawraee music plays suhanis mind..)
Menka: jiji sach me its yuvi bhaiya hi kya ?
Rags: I think so menka.. I cant trust my eyes.
Bavana: yuvi u look hero in ths dress..
Somu: comes and seeing yuvi..he lost in his new avatar.
Yuvi goes near suhani and widens his eyebrow and makes cough sound.. suhani came back to sense and makes a face.
Somu: yuvi u look so handsom ….

Yuvi: feels embraced and says thanks.. pratima comes thr and praises him..and told I got my old yuvi back..
Yuvi: ok suhani wat u say now.. ur frnd start noticing me…anytime.. wen u accept ur defeat?
Suh: no I wont let her mad…u stop this nonsense yuvi.
Somu s about to fall wen she s looking yuvi and walks.. suhani notices somu.. yuvi grabs her hand make her balance.. somu smiles at him.. suhani fumes..(wat can I do? he makes somu aftr him..shal I accept my defeat thn he wont do anything with somu.)
Yuvi: I knw u jelous of somu and me.. tats y u wont let her mad.. am I right?
Suh: nahi…u r mad…and sadu..stil nw. she goes to her room and locks(wat tat sadu I jelous of him.. no suhani I cant defeat so easily.. but anything happens to somu…hum kya karege?)
Suhani goes to yuvi and says sry v ll stop our play here..bcz somu s important for her.
Yuvi: ok I accept. Thn u don’t cal me sadu in front of all.
Suh: ok.. they shake hands. Suhani about to leave. Yuvi holds her hand and says….
Yuvi: suh.. but u can call me sadu wen v were prob for me… suhani smiles seeing his naughty talk…they had intense eyelock..!!!! (saware musinc plays..) and goes to her room thinking this moment.. she start thinking about him from beginning..she smiles. Somu also dreams about him..

next day somu comes to yuvi and do something to grab his attention.. but yuvi not noticing her.. he turns wen he hear suhani sound in kitchen asking for samosa and torturing bavana.. somu thinks yuvi stares at her..but actually he see suhani who stand near somu..
Somu herself goes and talks with yuvi about her dress and need complements from him.
Suhani and yuvi notices somu… yuvi: nice somu and I have work bye..
Suh: smiles atyuvi for escaping from somu..yuvi also smiles back to suhani…screen freezes on their smiling faces..!!!(sawrare…..plays music only)
Yuvi and suhani became friends. Night suhani got call from pankaj.
Pankaj: suhani come home tomorrow as he go for some bank work. She agree and cuts the call.
suhani gets ready to pack things to go home. Suhani takes blessings from pratima. Sharad took her to drop home.

Somu: suhani u can go I cant come today as I felt head ache heavily. I will come after.
Suhani: somu u can stay here if u want. Somu gets happy and hugs her. Suhani searches for yuvi but he is not returing from jogging. Suhani leaves birla house.(pratima notices suhani searches yuvi)
Yuvi comes home and searches suhani because home is very silent. Somu :gudmoring yuvi juice for u!
Yuvi : thank u somu . where is ur joker frnd? She is still sleeping?
Somu: no today she wakupearly and went.
Yuvi: matlap? Whr s she?
Pratima: beta wo suhani went to her home.
Yuvi: somu y u did not go with her?
Somu: I want to spend time with bavana di.
Yuvi: ok. But u r not lik tat joker. Now I am out of tension and goes to his room. Open his cupboard and takes one cloth and smells it .(yes it is suhanis shawl.. he found in garden and keeps it with him)
Yuvi in room: how can she go without telling him. Can’t she wait for him to come.? (Pratima sees yuvi talking lonely and cloth in his hand)
sharad and yuvi have a talk over suhani.

Sharad: In home all are missing suhani.
Yuvi: oh all are only missing suhani not me. I came home after 5 days. But no one care about me.
Sharad: not like tat am just telling.
Yuvi: ok am also felt lonely without fighting her.
Sh: smiles naughtly! Guru kyahua? Sachmaetum missing suhani to fight or anything else.
Yuvi: shut up..aisa kuchnahi… wat u think.muje pyar hogi suhani se. Sharad ask yuvraj to accept.
Yuvraj smiles and says she is my frnd.. Sharad says not try to act in front of me guru. I can read it face..sharad starts tiggle yuvraj.Screen freezes on sharad smiling face.

Precap: . Yuvraj suhani romantic moments . yuvraj cups suhani mouth and says not go from him . thy hadvan eyelock….sawareee plays

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  1. It is really awesome episode….

  2. Really amazing…

  3. story was going in an amazing way.i loved each and every line a lot.keep rocking like this.

  4. Shilpa-Saraj

    Oh my god…. The shawl scene.. Sadu permission only to suhani.. .. And the precap.. Ohhhh myyy god.. Im sweating… ..
    Ly dude..
    And pls dont make any of them negative..

  5. Aqsxxh

    This episode was amazing!
    I think our Suhani is in love!
    The jealousy and the reminiscing of Suhani when she wasn’t there- it was just too beautiful x

  6. Uniqueangel

    Awesome a big thanks for this ff ????????????????????

  7. awsome epi………..i loved each and evry line of this epi .


    I loved this epi, it was too sweet. Yuvraj gave only Suhani permisson to call him sadu! Too cute x

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