The episode starts with… Next morning yuvi came from jogging and sees suhani sleeping in her room. He thinks to spoil her sleep. He goes inside by hiding his face with white bedsheet and scares her lik ghost. Suhanithought that is menka who takes revenge..screams and hold his neck and shouts for help. Yuvi got scared by her sound and lost his balance he falls over her and both of them land on bed. Menka calls all of them and told theif and then suhani realizes that is not menka all are coming to suhani room and sees them. Suhani gets up from him and removes bedsheet and get shocked to see yuvi.
Su: tumyahankyakarrahi ho?
Yuvi: sorry ! I just want to spoil ur sleep by scares lik ghost.
Su: oh u came here for taking revenge.
Yuvi :ofcourse! U must paid for wat u did.
Su: kya..
Yuvi: u called me as ssadu tats y I did.
All are watching them arguing and stop them. Bavana asks suhani to Go and get fresh no sleep anymore. Yuvi: (smiles) loeoking at her for getting successful to spoil her sleep. Suhani fumes.
Aftr somtime suhanieats samosa. Pratima prepare salad for yuvi.
Suhani: maa y mix unboiled veg and fruits.? Y cylinder finshed ah?
Prat: no beta.. yuvi likes salad..only.
suh: (giving bad expression seeing salad.). i cant eat such salad.. Items maa. aap KI beta iss salad ki wajase sadu hogi. Pratima laughs.
yuvi: suhani just stop. its good for health. If u eat u ll lose ur weight! He smiles naughtly.
suh: no need to loss my weight. animals only eat unboiled food.. humans knw to boil the food before eat. Tum janwar hi kya.
she taunts him.. yuvi fumes.. and says thn y u eat samosa lik an hunger animal eat aftr a long time 🙂
Suhani fumes tumse bat karne ki koi matlap nahi hi yuvraj. yuvi laughs..

At night:
yuvi talks long time n phone.. suhani comes there and see him talking long time.
yuvi cuts the cal and goes to suhani who stares at him long..
yuvi: suhani y satres at me..?
Suh: oh sry i distrub u.. wen u talk with ur gf!
Yuvi : cant u see nd hear? I shout my staff fr his mistak. How could u think am talking to a girl!
Suh: i think now a days bf talk to their lovers lovely but i knw u r sadu .So i guess u talk sadu with ur gf.
Yuvi: suhani am not sadu ok.. and all grls ll get mad abut me . infact u wil b mad after me mind it!
suh: oh butits called self birla. Cant u talk sweetly with any girl..?if u talk lik tat with girl .no one love u. Sadu birla thodasa pyarse bolona. .
Yuvi: Kya kya kaha tumne koi ladki ko muje pasant nahi ayega. Deko I prove how girls are aftr me. I just give a trail…(he sees somu smilingly sees him from far.)and start with ur frnd somu!
See ur frnd somusseeing me long Tim..
Suh: yuvi just stop it don’t use my frnd for ur idiotic play.(somu comes there)
Yuvi: hi somu… today u look very cute in this dress..(saying this yuvi sees suhani who fumes in anger!)
Somu: really thank u yuvi.. i did not expect u notice me..
Yuvi: I notice u always but I not getting chance to talk with u.. anytime ur frnd fight me tats y..
Somu blushing…
yuvi: ok my beautiful… see u later!(he naughtly smiles at suhani and goes near her says wait and watch I will change lik old yuvraj. tomorrow my new avatar ms.joker! he leaves)
suhani goes to her room and thinks yuvi complements somu..and talks in mind (kahi sach me yuvi make somu mad after him..thn wat can I do.. I wont let him..she sleeps by thinking him.)
its mrng.. bavana suhani rags menka all r in kitchen and talks…
rags:y yuvi not wakup till now.
Bavana: may b he feel sleepy.. menka: no jiji, yuvi got lazy and tired by fighting with suhani. Suhani changes him lazy.. thy al laugh.
Suddenly all r hear sound and turns they all get shocked seeing yuvi is back to his old stylish look.

precap: suhani packs her back from birla house.

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  1. Interesting episode- nok jok at the max ?
    I love it
    Yuvraaj is soooo competitive his character is slowly hurting Suhani and I think this is a good way for her to notice her feelings ❤️?
    It’s absolutely flawless
    Can’t wat for next epi because the precap is suspenseful

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u frnds fr ur loving cmnds.. I don’t want to drag tats y I short the ff.. because I start my new ff.. tat one s going to post soon and that s deeply described about suhani and yuvaraj feeling…hope u lik tat and keep supporting me frnds.. I hope u

  2. very interesting story line, really very nice epi ….. i loved the cute and silly fighing .plz very soon make them realise their feeling towards each other .

  3. Nice…

  4. EXcellent!!..plz update asap

  5. yuvani were awesome.ur doing too good.i just loved it.

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