The episode starts After sometime yuvi came from his room to hall while all are chating happily suhani notices yuvi is sad. And directly asking why he is not smiling? Yuvi gets up and says nothing lik that and goes to his room. Pratima and all gets worried for yuvi..suhani thinks suddenly wat happen to all y they are all sad?
Pratima:beta yuvi is not lik this he is also having fun but something changed in his life so he is lik past 2 years. Somu thinks so he is the one guy not married till now and thinks to get his attention. Suhaniand somutries to grab her shawl which is about to fly yuvi comes there and talking in phone.

Somu:yuvican u to help her taking shawl ?
Yuvi:ok !he tries and shawl fly away.
Suhani: he cant even catch one shawl and smiles.
Somu: sorry yuvi she is always like this only.
yuvi gets angry and argue with suhani. Saurabsharad and anuj comes there and ask whats happen. Suhani calls him as sadu and tell everything. Yuvi turns to suhani and start argue for called him as sadu. Then suhani ask him laugh and runs from there. Sharad ask him to cool she is our guest.

Suhanito bavana: di I want to eat samosanw you prepare for me. I want now itself am relly tired by arguing with you sadudevar.
Pratima and bavana laugh for sadu name. yuvi comes and hearing their talk. Suhani acts behaving lik him. Yuvicomes .
yuvi: suhani stop acting lik me! i am yuvrajbirla not behave like childish like you! And he also act liksuhani and make fun on her. Suhani start chasing him he runs to his room and lock door suhani ask him to open. She pretends to hurt in hand. Yuvi opens door and suhani tries to go inside they both landed on floor..suhani is n top of yuvi.. yuvi feels her breath. Suhani lost in yuvis eyes..yuvi moves his hand in suhani waist. Suhani feel something strange in his touch..suhani tries to getup but again she fell on yuvi. This time suhanis hair touch yuvi face… he smells her hair and lost..yuvi thinks iss feeling ka kyanam hi… I cant guess..anuj comes thr and smile both of thm came back to sense and getsup. Anuj: am not seeing anything..and make fun on them.
yuvi: by d way suhani s too fat.. tat s y I cant getup easily..
suh: wat… am fat grl….ah? how can u say…. U r sadu..u don’t understand am losing my weight..after came ur home..
yuvi: oh then I cant imagine how fat u r in your home… I think lik elephant..anuj and yuvi laugh.
Suh: gets angry and beats him..
Yuvi : hold her hands… and pulls her close to him.Suh fells somting and move back and runs..yuvi realizes what he did… he laughs.Whole day passes by yuvi and suhanis silly fight.

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  1. superb epi …. i like yuvani silly fightsand evry line is filled with fun.i really love this epi.

  2. Nice …

  3. Uniqueangel

    Awesome yaar I just loved it??????


    It was so cute! I lobed every single line of their fights and everything… im really looking forward to your next epi! X

  5. Nithu

    Ua ff is something….loved it

  6. Shilpa-Saraj

    Sis.. Its superb… Reminds me of yuvani fights in the show.. Before leaps.. Thanks for giving us those rabishing memories back..

  7. Aqsxxh

    Awwwwh its such a cute lovable FF!

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u frnds.. it’s mistakenly somlines left.. aage se aisa nahi hua..

  9. its too good yaar

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