Episode 14

Sangeet day:
The day starts with menka and rags decorate stage for sangeet function. Bavana sees menka and anuj argue over the song selection.. sharad compromises them… saurab ask rags for dance. Rags says I am not intrest in dance so u go… dadi ask rags to say sry to saurab and ask her agree to dance with him. Function starts all guest were arrives.. dance start by rags and menka.. then sharad bavana.. last rags and saurab…then sharad ask yuvi and suhani to dance..suhani agrees happy and stands for dance. yuvi refuses..suhani feels bad and turns to go… but yuvi sees her and holds her hand.. sharad plays the song for them… sab tera song plays in background…yuvi hugs her from back and comes close to her.. suhani looks him confused.. both dances romantically unaware of others.. at the end all claps fot them..fuction ends…..

Yuvani Marriage day:

Bavana and rags makes suhani ready .
rags and menka: suhani u look beautiful in bridal dress.. ok nw v ll will take class for handling yuvi after mrg.
Suhani: blushingly, no I handle him on my own need of their help.. thy all laugh and say to teach us somthing to handle husband..
Thy all left suhani in room.. lata and pankaj comes to her.. lata says suhani I want to tell something. Suh: bolo na ma..
Lata: suhani sambav call us ask for marriage proposal for u.. v also said ok.. but v don’t knw somu left and u got her place..
Suh: (shocked.) maa y u not tel me bfre.. if u told I will clear all doubt. Sambav s only my frnd. I don’t want to marry him..
Lata: but beta sambav told he ll come today from Singapore. But today s ur mrg day tats y v got tension. Yesterday I call him and told about ur mrg with yuvi and wat situation u accept ths mrg.
Suh: maa I happy in ths mrg..bcz I love yuvi.. its not a bad situation for me. pratima ma loves me lot..
Suh calls sambv.

Suh: sambv y u ask mrg proposal to my mom? U knw well I am not loving u. u r my frnd..
Sambv: but suhani I love u.. I knw u did ths mrg fr yuvi mom..
Suh: no am happy n ths mrg.. sambav u r the reason for my state now.. u made complecations in my mrg.. u left me helpless…(yuvi comes to suhani for talk but he hears suhanis last word to sambav.. u left me helpless in my mrg. He goes )
In mandap all birla boys were doing arrangements lik heaven…
Dadi: saurab calls yuvi to mandap..prat u look after garlands…. Bavana u invite guests…
Pandit calls bride and groom…lata and pankaj waiting for kanyadan…
Anuj and sharad make yuvi sit… bhavan and rags make suhani sit..yuvi s mesmerized by her in bridal look..he forget all old moments and thinks (wow my love s gng to b mine I don’t left her away from me. she s gng to b mine forever… god gives her without am asking… I won let this chance away from me)

Suhani(my hero s waiting for me… I knw he loves me but he cant told me bfre. If he told me this mrg s double happy for me..ok I ll make him understand after mrg,.. I wont let away frm me yuvi… I promise..)
Both of them had an eye lock…. Thy smile… mrg rasam starts..they hold hands tight and takes steps infront of fire… yuvi feels lik in heaven wen he touches her hand he feels ur mine suhani… both feeling something between them.. thy sit for knott mangalsutrara… yuvi takes and moves his hands towards suhani neck.. his hand touches her neck.. she blushes and feel electric shock in her body.. yuvi feels her blushing after his hand touch… finally he ties.. suhani sees him at the corner of her eye..
Yuvi(suhani don’t look me likths….its killing me… I want to say I love u…but he stops thinking and recalls sambhav s her love…she sacrifies her love for my mom..)
Suh(wat happened to me.. y am feeling strange…is this s d first touch of yuvi…no!! I never felt lik this bfre may b my heart understands he s my loving husband!!)
All r happily throws flowers on them… pandit ask yuvi to fill sindoor…. Yuvi took and fill her maang by thinking (am sry suhani for making ur love away from u.. but am also a human am hving the heart.. I feel happy in one corner…) suhani feels completed…and thanks to god for giving her love..back to her..

Thy took eleders blessing… lata and pankaj having some emotional talks..
pankaj: bavana take care of suhani.
Bavana: papa am here don’t worry..i tak care suhani.. suhani hugs him and cries.. thy left.
Prat: saurab I feel yuvi s hiding something in his heart..
Sau: haan maa..v can make yuvi and suhani talk once.
All plans to make yuvi suhani talk in terrace bfre their sugaraat…

Precap: yuvani love confession

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