frnds finally its a last episode.. am no expert in writing romantic scene… so just accept this one.. I need feed back..pls take one min to cmnd… silent readers pls do.. here aftr I won’t ask or waste ur rim by asking cmnd… thank u… miss u readers!!! @Suhani yuvraj birla

In yuvani room:
Birla boys were decorated their room…. Their cot s decorated with full of Jasmine flower in 4 corner of the cot.. bed was covered with white bedsheet and red blanket… heart shaped design in bed.. candles…lights etc……
Prat blesses suhani…as make her dadi soon… suhani blushes and hugs her.. bavana makes suhani sit in the middle of the cot.. suhani wearing a red designer lehenga with her face covered by red shawl..
She goes…. Suhani pov: ( now am officially his wife..but I am feeling nervous… wat should I do wen yuvi comes.. I don’t knw wats happen aftr sometime… my nerves start shivering… I can’t control my fear..she hears room door opened)
Yuvi pov: (finally I came to my room.. I saw suhani sitting in the middle of the bed she holds her dress tight.. may b she got nervous… but wat can I do am… also n nervous)
Yuvi closes room door..he came to suhani and sit near her… yuvi slowly open the shawl.. he sees suhani closed her eyes and her face become red due to the blush…yuvi holds her hand.. she looks him.
Yuvi: suhani am very happy to get u back.. its look like a dream for me. I am a fool misunderstands u… suhani pulls him to a hug and rest her head to his chest.. yuvi hug her back.. suh: no need to say sry yuvi. Forgot all.. v start our new life from today.. u r first and last person in my heart and my life.. I wont lose u.. yuvi: thank u suhani..i love u tooooo… aftr some time suhani breaks the hug… yuvi kisses her forehead.. suhani blushes… yuvi(don’t blush suhani I cant control my feeling for u…)again suhani smiles and turns away..yuvi: waise suhani I promise u to teach my dictionary punishments right… suh: it ok no need now.. I feel sleepy…
Yuvi: no no… this s the punishment for me to make u waiting without proposing….
Suh: matlap…
Yuvi: u cant sleep whole…today nit..
Suh: she understand wat yuvi trying to say… she getup from bed.. yuvi holds her and they fall on bed..
Yuvi comes closer to her and removes her jwels one by one.. suh( I can feel wat yuvi doing with me.. but I cant stop him,..infact I don’t want to stop. But keep trying to get rid of his grip… wen I keep trying yuvis grips got more and more tight.. which make my tries failed.. finally I defeat…!!
Yuvi(I removes her jewls..she tries to stop me..but I cant lose so easily.. I just want to prove my love in this way.. I don’t knw how to express my love by words… I tightens mt grip…which makes suhani defeat yes I won finally…she closes her eyes and runs her hand on my back..she mess my hair by her hand..)
Suh(I mess her hair… he start kisses me..tat makes my mind blank.. I cant imagine anythink other than yuvi.. yuvi slowly broke the trance and look me am I fine.. I nod with smile.. I see lights and show him.. he understands and slowly moves his hand to switchoff light…and covered us by blanket… v continue the rest of our night.. v don’t knw wen v sleep…)
Nex morning… yuvi open his eyes and sees suhani who s sleeping next to him… suhani tries to wakeup. Yuvi sees her and pretends to sleep by hugging her.. suhani wakup and sees their dress and her jwellery shartered on floor.. she smiles and seeing yuvi.. slowly she getup without disturbing him.. yuvi manages and hug her tight..she understood he is already wakup.. she push him away..yuvi: suhani wat u do.. y u push me..
Suh: mr.sadu… I knw u pretend tats y.. yuvi smiles and she takes her dress and went to fresh.. yuvi still siting in bed..waiting for her to come.. aftr smtim she came wearing a transperant pink colur saree with simple silver border.. come and searches her mangalsutra.
Yuvi(I cant take my eyes from her..this is the first time I sawher in saree.. her hair was completely wed… wen she searches her mangalsutra her hair wed drops fall on my face.. I getup from bed and goes near her…hug her from back and says I am having ur mangalsutra don’t need to search.. )
Suh: (I give a big sigh of relief… he wears me.. and v smiles and hug… I prays to god.. make yuvi happy always lik this….) aftr sometime maa calls us for pooja.. v left our room by holding hands tight..and v found name for our feeling both jointly say…. YEH PYAR AUR KUCH NAHI!!

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