Episode 13
Episode starts with……Haldi day:
In BH……Bhavana rags goes to Suhani room.. suhani comes in light yellow designer lehenga… matching earings… and she s glow in all way… bhavana applies haldi to her..and wishes her for after mrg she ll b with her always. Yuvi also came in yellow … all boys apply haldi to him and teases him. Sharad teases him saying he tries to kiss him n dream… all laughed..nd having fun on yuvani.. sharad go to ur room I left one gift for u..
Yuvi goes to his room.. suhani s also going to correct her drs n yuvi room.. yuvi open the door.. sees suhani tries to unite her dori. Yuvi comes to close to her.. she looks ground and tries go out. Yuvi stops her and says shall I help u… suhani smiles and nods blushing..

Yuvi moves her hair to one side… suhani turns away from yuvi.. he moves his hand towards her neck… suhani feels hot and pushes her head to to yuvi shoulder.. yuvi take back his hand and hugs her from back..he runs his hand through her waist.. yuvi rest his face on suhani shoulder.. both feel softness in their touch… and suhani leans on yuvi shoulder and touch yuvi face with her face..
Yuvi also did the her.. their haldi got exchanged…yuvi tightens his grip in her waist.. suhani feel his love in this touch.. they got sense wen bhavana and sharad knocks the door and teases them.
Bh: suhani if u crt ur cloth then u can come.. we wont tell to anybody u took yuvi help.. suhani smiles and goes.

Sharad: guru..if u finshed ur helping…u can also come out..i don’t mind.. yuvi ask him to shutup..
Sh: kidding suhani by saying yuvi name. suhani gots blushing.. sharad took suhani pic and shows to yuvi.
Yuvi: is she Really happy in thsmrg or she is pretending infront of all I don’t knw..? am I do anything wrong… wat I did now..with her.. I cant understand.. I feel she loves me..but wat about sambav..may b I misunderstood!!
Pratima calls suhani and ask her to come temple in evening.
Suh :maa aap q muje call thr ok…
Prat: yes beta. But I want to share something to u. r u happy with this mrg?
Suh: yes kush but i felt yuvi s not liking me. he may b helpless in mrg.
Prat: aisekuchnahi beta. Yuvi likes u only. If he got engaged with somu means then only he s helpless.

Suh: maa !!!! ap kya…
Prat: I knw wat u think..but that s true.
Suh: maa thank u… but I want yuvi to say he likes me… its ok.. but y u faint tat day..if ths mrg not happen means another time it ill happen na..
Prat: I called u here to toldtat reason. If am not acting to faint on that day thn yuvi stops mrg.. it will take time to realize he loves u.. I want u to be my bahu nw itself..
Suh: wat reason maa?
Prat: told some fb of yuvi.(2 yrs back dadi arrange yuvimrg with one grl. Yuvi also agree for mrg without seeing her. At mrg day the grl runs with her boyfrnd. Yuvi feels ashmed and getting insult by guests. Phir yuvishadi ka namsuna tension hogi and remembers his insult. and he left his smile and fun nature.)aftr all u make him happy. I always wish u to b my bahu and I got u now. U must take care of him promise me suhaniatany cost u wont left yuvi..
Suh: promise ma..

Prat: ok lets go home. After mrg v talk fulltime. They left home.
Yuvi thinks bad for his action and thinks about his old fb insults… He thinks at mrg day suhani also left wit bf wat I do….!!! he calls her… Suhani attends the call.
Yuvi: suhani am sry. I knw u r in confusion. If u not wish to marry me pls tell me befo rmrg. I ll manage maa.
Suh: r u mad yuvi..wat u think about me? u took decision of ur own. U made me wear ring..nw u told move back from mrg… wats wrong wit u?
Yuvi: I knw u not interested…u do this for my mom..

Suh: ok u knw na thn left. Am happy in ths mrg. Don’t make me tension. I love pratmaa.. I can do anything for her happy. She s also lik my mom.and cuts d cal.
Yuvi felt bad for making her in ths bad situation. suhani also feel bad for yuvi not understanding her. Suhani cries for yuvi words.. wat happened to him.. he loves me but y he cant told me.. he s loving me.

Precape: yuvani mrg and yuvi reveals he knws about sambv in her life. Suhani cries badly.

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  1. Superb epi i just love it.yuvani cute romance scene i like it so much.update nxt epi soon.

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    Update next episode soon di its just mind blowing

  3. wow ur toooooo good.todays episode was very verx nice.hope their misunderstanding will be settled.i want to see their romance.

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  5. Nice…waiting for next update

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