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Episode 15
In terrace..saurab anuj makes yuvi suhani to meet..
Yuvraj standing crossed his arms in chest.. Suhani slowly walkks to him. Yuvraj feels suhani near him and start talks…
Yuvi: suhani thank u… and sry…
Suh: thanks for wat and sry for wat?
Yuvi: thanks for this mrg,..and sry for making u away from ur love..sambav..
Suh: shocking ly… sambhav…? Do u knw him….
Yuvi: ya I knw u both r in love..u sacrifice ur love for my mom… I came to knw when he took ur phone and talks to me..andyuvi told about sambav called her mrg proposal of sambhav…and all his conversation.. yuvi : if u want divorce from me? I ll gv u whatever u want..
Suh: shocked… cries badly……but aftr sometime she behave normal wipes her tears.
(this the reason he s upset..and did not confess his love to me.. she understands yuvi s misunderstanding her..)
Suh: ok I accept ur divorce.. bfre tat I want clear my doubts.. will u ans me?
Yuvi: yes ask…
Suh: did I tell u anything……. I love sambav….?
Yuvi: no… but I…
Suh: (stops him) then y think am loving sambav…?
Yuvi: speechless..
Suh: yes but nw I am telling u… yes I love one idiot madly… do u knw him.. shall I tel about tat idiot..
Yuvi(confused) suh: tat idiot make me mad … day and night he torture me n dream.. I live a happy life with him in my dream world…

Yuvi is still n confused look… suh: (turns towards him) still now tat idiot not realize am loving him. She sees him…and get anger.. yuvi how can u be so dumb…. Stil now u dont understand. Do u want to knw him..?
Yuvi: who?
Suh: his name was SADU…. Yuvi: stunned by the name…he cant believe his ears.. ask suhani to tel again..
Suh: yes!!! I love u SADU…I love u YUVrAJ…. U r the king of my dream world.. now ok.. I don’t love sambv..he s my frnd only.. I don’t knw he ask mrg proposal to my mom dad…trust me yuvi..yuvi puts his finger on her lips….(saying this yuvi hugs her and wipes her tears..) I love u tooooo suhani.. I don’t want to lose u.. u r my life. I don’t knw how I am fall in love …
Suh: leave me I wont talk to u.. I accept ur divorce (naughty tone)
Yuvi(hug her from back) ;-0 sry…but I need punishment from u.. will u punish me for this misunderstanding..
Suh: yes…I ll punish u…
Yuvi: ok I ll tel wat punishment….i want… suhani : wat u did mistak and u choose punishment ah? Ok tel me..
Yuvi: yes.. I want unlimited kisses from u… much means how much u love u tat much…!! (
Suh: shyingly.. but Its not the meaning of the punishment…right..
Yuvi: in my dictionary it’s a punishment…
Suh: acha…. Then teach me about ur dictionary first.. I learnt it 1st..
Yuvi: don’t worry…!! ( I will teach u in our sugaraat…. ( and teach u… the new punishments in my dictionary..(yuvi hugs her tight……)
Suh: (pinches his nose…. ) kya kar rahi ho yuvi… leave me..koi aajayega…
Yuvi: no prob bcz u r officially SUHANI YUVRAJ BIRLA…..!! no one can ask me I do anything wit u…here!
They hug each other…. Bavana comes there yuvraj suhani moves back bavan ask her to come soon..

Precap: yuvani moments..!

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