thank u dears….fr regular reading of my ff…. and thanks fr silent readers also.. if u do cmnds I knw ur names also…it’s OK.. keep reading…. and don’t worry yuvani confess their love soon bcz my ff contain 16 episodes only…. here s the next episode..

Episode 11
The episode starts from…..dadi shows her hand towards….
Dadi : she s here now.. ya its somu..!! I lik her. She s perfectly match fr u.
yuvi and all gets shocked . Suhani goes from thr. Somu cant believe her ears. Dadi hugs somu and ask her to call her parents. Somu runs happily and hugs suhani. Yuvi being speechless.. suhani expect yuvi ll stop dadi but he did not. Suhani behaving normally and wishes somu.
dadi cals lata and pankaj for somu yuvi mrg. (Somu mom in canada so she gives tat responsibility to lata nd pankaj.) Dadi announces their encagmnt in evening.
Pratima ask yuvi to told dadi he likes suhani.
yuvi: no ma.. i dont want to marry somu.. but suhani s not loving me.Suhani loves someone else. Again ambroked ma. I cant give u pain so v stoped here. I promise dadifrthsmrg. I cant do anything.
pratima: y u and suhani having any misunderstanding pls go and clear.
yuvi : no confusion its al clear. Pratima goes from thr.

In evening: al r prepare for encagment. Rags and menka gives dress for somu. Bavana rags menka make somu ready. Suhani still feels something for yuvi and simply standing. All birla boys make yuvi ready and feel for him. Pratima brings yuvi to hall.
Lata and pankaj also came. All are gathered in hall except somu and suhani. Somu gets call from one number and get shocked. She avoids the call. But it continues again. Finally she attend. Suhani goes to hall and hug lata and pankaj.
Somu get shocked by hearing “ Krishna attempts suicide pls come and meet him.”
Somu flashback: somu and Krishna love before 2 years. She likes him as he is smart. Soon she came to knw he is jobless and poor family. So he avoid him. Krishna s a possessive lover of somu.Fb ends.
Somu thinks how to escape from Krishna. She decides to meet him and thinks how to cheat him..
she left from window.

In hospital :
Somumeets Krishna and emotionally blackmails him if she not marry her mom will die. So she must do this wedding and told forget her.
Krishna: no somu I ll not let u go away frm me. U knw how much I lov u..mrg will happen and ur mom also accept us.
By saying this Krishna(already planned ) fills sindoor in somumaang. Somu gets shocked. Krishna blackmails her and forcefully marry her
Krishna:. If u told anybody he s forced to marry u then he ll publish her and his photos during love. If ur mom knwsths she ll surely die.Somu cries badly for her fate of missing yuvi.
Meanwhile in BH
Dadi: rags call somu .time s running.
Rags and menka goes to call somu.there She s missing.
Menka: (shouts) somu s missing and all r rush to her room and search.

Precap: yuvi drags suhani hand and wears ring to her.. suhani shocked. Yuvi misunderstands suhani..

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