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Episode 10
The episode starts with somu fumes in anger for suhani yuvis closesness increase day by day..suhani remains their moment in rain and goes to change her dress..Suhani gets cal and told saurab to she ll b back aftr smetim. Yuvi s in happy mood and wants to talk suhani…came to hall and search suhani.. he saw suhani goes out….
Yuvi :bhaiya whr she s going?
Saurab : i dont knw. She gets one cal and goes. May b she went to meet her friend. Yuvi thinks.
suhani goes to airport and waits.
suhani: whr s he.. am waiting fr him long.. ( scolds him in mind)
Guy(closes suhani eyes from back) hi suhani darling.. sry for coming late.. i got job in singapore and today am leaving so ths s a surprz fr u.. i caled u for send off..! I want u to wish me..
suhani: sambhav!!! Leave me.. and all d best for ur job.. thy talk for somtime
sambahv: ok suhani its getting late fr flight.. i mis u..lot.. aftr i came from singapore one more surprz am having for u.
su: what?

Sambhav: wait for me i ll come and say. Suhani gets yuvi call. She attends and sambhav grabs ger phone and talk sry i dont knw u.. but pls cal her later.. i took suhani now.. suhanis tim for me now. She grabs phone but yuvi cuts she send msg to him. ‘ i ll b thr at half an hour’
Yuvi : who s tat guy? Y he takes suhanis phone? He thinks about sambv over and feeing bad.. suhani also not scold him fr taking phone..whom he s… nd yuvi gets angry finally.
Suhani reaches BH. She goes to yuvi but he s not in room. She searches but could not found him. Thn she goes to saurab.. at night yuvi cals her to come terrace want to talk to her.
suhani: yuvi y u call me here ?(she thinks about he wants to confess his love)
Yuvi : (thinks to ask about tat guy but not asking..)y u were busy with somone ah?
Suh: no am not.. i just asking. She smiles at him and asked tel me na yuvi….
yuvi : i want to asking u somthing about my marriage.
suh : (looks ground and smiles ) wat u want to ask me about ur mrg? In naughty tone…(she sees yuvi s blushing in all while….and his words got struck….)
Yuvi: wo suhani i lik one…. suhani phone rings..but cut. It cintinues 4 times yuvi get irritating
ask suhani shal i attend the cal of ur phone.
Suh:( confused )ok.!
Yuvi: who s ths?

Sambhav: hi am sambhav.. whr s my dear suhhh…(and stop)? Who r u..
yuvi: (in mind : dear??) Suhani s busy in kitchen am her( stp from saying anything)
Sambhav: ok waterver u may b.. toldsuhani am reaching here safe n hotel. I ll cal her aftr.. and say ths also i mis her very much.
Yuvi :(cuts d call in anger). He told reaches safe and mis u..who s he?
suh: ok.. leave tat. Wat u want to ask me.? ( she eagerly waiting for his confession)
Yuvi : nothing leave it i decide.. he goes angrily.
suhani also leaves from there being heart broken.
Morning dadi waits for yuvi decision.
yuvi: i ll marry by ur wish..dadi.
suhani shocked by his decision. Pratima and all also shocked.
Dadi : ok fine.. i choose the grl fr u.. i knw u ll lik her.
yuvi and all : who?

Precap: soumya missing from engagmnt function..

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Nice episode dear…

  2. Awesome….waiting for some yuvani moments…

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u avani…

  4. superb episode………i like it very but if yuvraaj had confess his feeling then i will be more happy.

  5. very very interesting.u r an amazing writer dear.keep rocking.

  6. Aqsxxh

    Very interesting episode- I am shocked with Yuv’s behaviour- he didn’t ask for a proper explanation

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    don’t worry yuvani love confession s treat for u…. hope u. lik their confession…

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