Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Decides To Take Revenge

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant thinks KK got the postmortem done by his doctor so that he can’t be caught. He thinks of Prabhakar’s letter and says nothing can be proved in court. He says my father and Dinesh Swamy’s were killed. He recalls talking to Abhay. He tells that they can’t prove it in the court that it is murder, but it is 100 percent murder. He hits the board on which he writes. Nupur enters the house. Her parents ask them to take care of her. Anushka thinks of Siddhant’s words. Gayatri says even we will go now as we are girl’s family. KK thanks her. Gayatri says we shall be thankful to you and says today she realizes the pain of parting with a daughter and asks him to take care of other daughter Nupur. They leave. Neeta does Nupur’s aarti and asks her to come. KK gets sad and says it

is really tough to let daughter go to others home and asks Anushka, how can I live without you. Anushka says nobody can separate me from me, I will not go far from you and cries. Karthik, Riddhi and others pacify her. Riddhi tells Karthik to take Nupur and takes Anushka with her. Anushka cries badly hugging Riddhi. Riddhi asks her to have some control. Anushka says she will question Siddhant. Riddhi asks her to ask him and says I told you that he can hurt you. Anushka says he has to answer my question and cries. Riddhi pacifies her.

Gayatri and Purva come home and see the door open. Purva says Bhai must be sleeping leaving the doors open and says he would have wait till marriage completes. Purva goes to his room, but Siddhant is not there and the room is messy. Purva says she will not clean the mess else he will scold her. Siddhant rides on the bike and meets with an accident. In the morning, Anushka calls Siddhant and gets worried. Purva also calls Siddhant. Gayatri asks her to call Sweety. Sweety brings him home on wheel chair and says Siddhant met with an accident, I got a call from the hospital. Siddhant says I was missing Pitashri. Gayatri says I also miss him and asks him to control his feelings. Siddhant says I was missing him badly. Gayatri says he is dead…Siddhant says he didn’t die, but……stops. Gayatri asks what do you want to say. Siddhant says he didn’t die, but is running in me as a blood. Sweety says Siddhant needs rest and takes him inside.

KK tells Anushka that Gayatri called and said that Siddhant met with an accident. He asks do you want to come. Anushka says no. KK leaves.

Gayatri takes care of Siddhant and asks him to have food properly. Siddhant tells her story. KK comes there. Gayatri tells Siddhant that KK came running there and still regards them as family. Purva opens the door and tells KK about Siddhant’s serious accident. Siddhant thinks of KK and Prabhakar. KK comes there and asks how is my soldier? Siddhant thinks of goel’s words. He says I need to talk to you. Gayatri and Purva go. KK sits. Siddhant says I am very angry with myself, I thought myself smart, but today I came to know that I am foolish, stupid etc. He says I felt this seeing and working with you. You are my big teacher. I thought you are my boss and my pitashri’s boss. He says I want to thank you and says today my new relation will start. Kk says you are special to me and says I accept our new relation. He asks him to take 10 days rest and says don’t think that the opportunity will go from your hand and says you do this deal from India. He turns to go and asks do you read poetry. He says even Prabhakar used to read and says writers speak a thousand’s words in small poetry. Siddhant calls him Aye be, sun be shocking KK. He then tells it as poetry taunting him and tells that Suryakant Tripathi had said this in his poetry. KK says it is good and says I have love for laborers as I was a laborer. He leaves.

Siddhant gets up from his bed and says today I have announced your and my new relation. He says I have taken admission in the class from where you have studied. He says don’t think me wrong, I will attack you just I get a chance. Everyone get the chance.

Gayatri asks KK what Siddhant was saying? KK says he is fine and read a poem. He asks her to tell if she needs any help. Anushka comes and asks KK if Siddhant is fine. KK says yes, and says you didn’t come with me and now came running. Purva says Bhai is in his room. Anushka says I came to know this. KK laughs and says you would have wait for me then or call them. Gayatri asks Anushka to meet him. Anushka says no and tells that she will go with Appa. She sits in car and then says she will meet Siddhant. KK asks if she is fine? And asks her to decide once. Anushka says I will meet him. She gets down from the car. Gayatri asks her to go to Siddhant’s room. Anushka comes to his room and sees him sleeping. She sits at his bed side. Purva says Bhai is sleeping and asks her to come downstairs. Anushka says she will wait for him to wake up. She thinks she will not go without getting answers.

Siddhant tells Anushka that he is fine. Anushka asks him if he was about call Appa or not.

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  1. I love this serial to the core. It has progressed now to such a nail-biting point that anything that we guess goes upside down. I hope siddhant find out the true murderer of his father and not just guess upon anyone. I truly feel KK is not Bad , siddhant is misunderstanding him. Love everyone in this serial.

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