Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Chooses His Happiness And Love Over Career

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes to Gayatri and Purva and says I want to talk to you both. Purva asks him to tell what is the matter? Siddhant tells him that KK gave him a big opportunity and for that he has to go to Russia for a year. Gayatri asks did you say yes? He says yes. She asks then why you are asking me and says I want your betterment and happiness. She says we will manage. Purva asks him to go for his growth. Purva takes selfie. Neeta comes and asks Gayatri to come for the rasam. Gayatri goes. Purva asks did you see Anushka? Siddhant thinks she was sounding upset with his decision and goes to her room. He hears Anushka crying in her bathroom and saying if you want to go then go Siddhant. My decision was wrong to come here, I will go to America. He hears her and don’t say anything. Anushka gets

a call and tells that she is coming after freshen up. Anushka comes out of bathroom and goes downstairs.

Siddhant comes out and leaves in his car. He gets tensed after hearing about her feelings for him. He comes home and switches off lights. Sweety laughs and says he brought surprise cake for him. He says he was upset yesterday, but then thought to be happy in his happiness. Siddhant cuts the cake. Sweety makes him eat it. Siddhant thinks of Gayatri, Anushka and Sweety’s words. He thinks why I am punished for your thoughts. Prabhakar’s soul comes and says crazy people’s situation is strange. He asks for whom you are doing this? Siddhant says for you, to make everyone know who am I? He says world salute us if we are successful. Prabhakar says those who salute you for your success, don’t love you, and whoever loves you, doesn’t worry about your success. Siddhant cries.

In the morning, Purva tells Gayatri that after Siddhant leave, house will be lonely. Gayatri says he has to fulfill his dreams and asks her not to be sad in front of him. Siddhant comes there and asks why they are crying? They refuse. He asks them to stand up. Siddhant hugs them and says I will not go leaving you both. Gayatri says did you change your decision for us? Siddhant says I have realized that my happiness is here. He says he has to give this news to someone. Purba asks someone special? Siddhant smiles.

He goes to Anushka’s room and knocks on the door. Anushka says she is getting ready. Siddhant goes out, climbs up using stairs and gets inside. Rao ji sees stairs there. Anushka is trying to tie her dress lace. Siddhant comes and asks shall I do? She rubs her eyes. Siddhant asks I know you would have been crying here? She recalls Siddhant telling her that he knows that she is shedding Ganga Jamuna for him. He ties her lace, Dori. Anushka says I will go to America after Siddhant’s marriage and asks him to go, says I don’t want to lie. Siddhant turns her towards him. He asks her not to be scared and tell that she is with Siddhant Sinha. He tells her that he is not scared of anyone’s Appa now and tells that he recalls his promise and will take his Dulhaniya home before Karthik’s wedding. He thinks to talk to KK and Neeta. KK and Neeta talk about Anushka and Vedant’s marriage. Neeta asks what did she answer? KK says she said she will think. He tells her that if Anushka agrees then it will be good. Siddhant comes to him and says I want to talk to you both. KK asks why you are nervous? Are you fine? Purva comes and calls KK and Neeta for some rituals. Neeta asks Siddhant what you were saying? Siddhant asks them to go and attend the rituals. He thinks he got nervous in front of KK.

Srikant tells that Riddhi has organized bachelor party for Karthik. Karthik thanks her. Siddhant asks Karthik to talk to him. Karthik says he will talk after the party ends. Vedant asks Anushka to have a drink. Anushka says she doesn’t drink, but he insists. Siddhant comes and says she doesn’t drink. Vedant says drink will get wasted. Siddhant says I will drink her drink also as he is very happy. Anushka and Siddhant looking at each other while Vedant gets upset.

Siddhant talks to the lab doctor who tells him about the holes in the book and says maybe it was having rare poison in it. Karthik tells Siddhant that when he was giving reddy corporation book for publication, Rao took it and gave to Prabhakar. He says Rao can give his life and take others’ life on Appa’s orders. Siddhant looks on.

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  2. KK’s ugly side is slowly being exposed. Karthik is like his father. Marriage for a reason too! interesting to see innocent Purva, being slowly enamoured by Karthik.. where will this lead? Siddhant being sent to Russia, (to be killed in mysterious circumstances) and then easy target Gayatri. So KK’s dushman killed from the root (Prabhakar who had been so loyal to KK)… Um! Lets hope Siddhant plays it smart

  3. Loved the episode yarr.. awesome looking for forward.. now

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