Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant And Anushka New Friendship blossoms

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant tells Sweety that he has to talk to him and asks him to have lunch with him. Anushka comes and asks didn’t you bring food from home as Prabhakar uncle used to bring food from home. Siddhant says he was husband and I am a son, I can’t take my mother for granted. Anushka asks him to have lunch with her. Siddhant agrees and says he wants to talk about Sweety. Sweety says I am married. Anushka smiles. They sit for lunch. Siddhant tells Anushka that he was an associate and who could be more better than Sweety. He says I am speaking to you as you are HR head. Anushka agrees and says it will be good if two friends work together. Servant comes there and serves them food. Sweety asks him to have normal food and says you have become lean. She says she wants to try their food, but Siddhant

stops her and says it has kadi patta, you are allergic to it. Fb shows, Siddhant asking her to make lists of things with which she is allergic to. Fb ends. She recalls Siddhant stopping her when she was having jaggery patti and asks if she is allergic to jaggery. Siddhant nods his yes.. Sweety says you knew so much about her. They finish the food and leave from her cabin. Sweety says I will inform Khurana. Siddhant goes to her cabin and says I am one up, the score and asks if she forgot. Anushka recalls and a fb is shown, Siddhant telling her that score is 3:1. She thinks very soon score will level up.

Gayatri asks Purva to water the plants. Purva thinks of Prabhakar asking her to trust Anushka’s advice. She calls Anushka and tells her that she has won the fashion show event. Anushka says you are too good. Purva says she got modeling assignment for a clothing brand. Anushka says it is good and asks her to send pics. Purva says I don’t know whether to do assignment or not. Anushka asks her to talk to Siddhant.. purva says you don’t know him. Anushka says I know him well, he is like a walnut, hard from outside and soft within. Purva says ok, I will talk to him. Anushka looks at Siddhant. Siddhant also looks at her from his cabin. Yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai plays…

Siddhant is working while Sweety is taking a short nap. Anushka is also working in the office till late. She calls someone and asks him to make her car ready and keep all her stuff. Siddhant tries to wake up Sweety. Anushka is going from there and asks driver to stop for sometime. Peon brings coffee for Siddhant. Siddhant says sweety ji is sleeping. Anushka says it is for us. She asks why you are working till late. Siddhant says Karthik gave him work. Anushka sits and says she has much work, and infact thinking not to go home. She looks at him and smiles. Siddhant asks what you are doing, let me work, I feel uncomfortable. Anushka asks him to work and says I am chilling here. She takes coffee mug and recalls Siddhant asking her to eat something and see him. Sweety falls off from Sofa and wakes up, he asks if it is evening. Siddhant says it is midnight and says it is wrap up time. He asks Sweety how his wife bears his snoring. Sweety says it seems good in love and asks Anushka to tell. Anushka says how do I know? She looks at Siddhant. Sweety says Siddhant doesn’t believe in love. Siddhant says lets go.

Anushka asks how is he going? Siddhant says on bike. Anushka asks shall I drop you? Siddhant asks why? Anushka says bike is not safe in night. Siddhant says do you think people will be behind me seeing me going. Anushka says she was saying as he is her friend now. Siddhant thanks her and says he has to first drop Sweety home. They leave.

Siddhant comes home and closes the gate. Goel calls him and says Prabhakar tried to take out some info from my associate, and asks did you understand? Siddhant asks him to come to point. Goel says I want to know what Prabhakar came to know, as I know that I was sabotage, if you know anything then we can help each other. Siddhant laughs and says you are a big man, but think others as fool. He says now I work for Reddy Corporation, and says whoever is against KK reddy, that person is against me and asks him not to call him again. Goel thinks how KK gets loyal people. Siddhant comes inside house. Gayatri asks if he said yes to work in KK’s company, says she has waited for his Papa all life and asks him not to forget his responsibilities. Siddhant asks her to sleep and asks if she needs anything. Gayatri says needs are not only of things. Siddhant asks her to sleep.

Anushka’s secretary gives her bouquet. Anushka reads note and says high school. She looks at Siddhant.

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