Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Slaps Srikant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudhanshu coughs. KK gives him water. Sudhanshu tells that he can’t eat more. KK asks if you didn’t think it before and shows his pics with Goel. Sudhanshu asks what is it? Purva asks Anushka if she is not going? She says Vedant is dropping me. Siddhant tells Vedant that he will tell me about Anushka’s allergies. Anushka sits in car. Vedant’s driver gets an attack and faints. Siddhant asks Vedant to take him to hospital. Vedant tells that we are drunk and can’t they can’t drink. Siddhant takes the keys and drive the car. KK asks Sudhanshu to take a break and tells that he understands his trick and will change his team. He says your daughter’s life is set. Sudhanshu tells that the pics are fake and says if you think that this is real then tell me looking in my eyes to leave.

Kk looks in his eyes and asks him to leave. Anushka panics and asks Siddhant to drive fast. Siddhant holds her hand and asks her to control and handle herself. He says I am with you. Riddhi and Srikant come home. Riddhi meets Sudhanshu as he is leaving and asks what happened? Sudhanshu says I am ok. Riddhi asks what happened? KK says he is reaping as he sowed and asks them to go inside. Sudhanshu goes. Riddhi is about to go behind him, but Srikant stops her.

Riddhi scolds her for not having a courage to speak to her father. She says my father is your father in law. Siddhant and Anushka take driver to the hospital. Doctor says I will handle the patient and asks them to go. Anushka relaxes. Siddhant asks her not to take tension. Anushka asks where is Vedant? Siddhant says actually he was drunk and didn’t want to spoil his image. Anushka asks why did you drive, you are also drunk. She asks if he don’t worry about his image. Siddhant tells that he doesn’t worry about his image. Anushka asks him to get down from the car and drives off the car. Siddhant thinks if I had told you to drive then also you wouldn’t have drive seeing your condition. He says then also I am wrong and Vedant is right. Riddhi talks to Sudhanshu and gets to know about everyone. She insults Srikant and asks him not to be spineless. She asks her to decide and stand on his feet. Siddhant tells Sweety that he will go to KK’s house to see if something is happening. Sweety says ok.

At the dining table, Kk asks where is Riddhi? Riddhi comes. Anushka asks Riddhi if she is fine. Riddhi says yes. Srikant says I want to talk to you Appa. KK says one shall not talk while eating. Srikant asks he is not a child anymore and asks why did Sudshanshu leave from there with tears in his eyes. Nupur gets happy. Neeta, Anushka and Karthik ask what happened? Srikant says I don’t want anyone to interfere between us. Kk says you are grown up, but shall understand that a child can’t be big than father. He asks if Riddhi taught you this. Srikant tells KK that he shouldn’t have brought business matters home and says Sudhanshu is Riddhi’s father. He says he works hard for the my business and our business etc. KK gets angry and slaps him. He says it is just his business and they will get being his children. Neeta gets upset with KK. Anushka asks KK why did he slap Srikant? KK says he has crossed his limits and asks Anushka not to think much. Anushka cries and thinks she had a happy family when she came from America. Siddhant comes there.

Siddhant tells Sweety that he loves Anushka. Sweety asks him to choose between love and revenge. Siddhant comes to KK and says I know you like Vedant for Anushka and says this is right time to think about it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sudhanshu is safe …good that kk dint doubt on siddhant ….

    1. Fenil

      yaa !!

  2. Fenil

    Hello YPNTKH Family !!
    KK’s stern look ? to Sudhanshu was dangerous Thanks to Lord He Is Safe? relived for us …..Arey Anushka ki allergy list toh bahut lambi hain Siddhant Babu kahin sun kar Vedant Country chod ke na chala jaye hahahha?????? Politicians are politicians Chahe woh Vedant ho ya Soniya Gandhi ya Lalu IMAGE badi chiz hain inke liye than kisi ki zindagi ???? and other side Anushka and Siddhant were in pain seeing Driver’s condition ??? true souls ,Siddhant took good decision… Aaj kal KK hindi bina soche bol leta hain sayad Classes join kiye hain warna humara Lok Ladile Prabhakar Sinha ki help leta tha yeh band ek jamane mein ….Sudhanshu has guts to throwback to KK…Anushka was crying and Siddhant was tensed seeing her like this when he held her hand to calm her down Awww ?????? most needed at that time with each second they tightens holding their hands???? short but lovely scene between Sudhanshu and Riddhi ? She is strong that we know from the start ? Riddhi’s reasons to Sri were true Daughter will not tolerate tears or sadness on her father’s face at her in laws house and lack of support from husband !! Chori pakdi gayi Sid Babu ??? achhi class li Anushka ne aaj kal Class achhe se le leti hain humari Anushka Babhi ???? “Kabhi Dhulta Nahi Dag jo Daaman pe lag jaye,mile mauka kabhi toh Ganga Nah kar dekh lena tum.” Sad scene Aaj Siddhant Sahi Hokar Bhi Galat Ho Gaya Anushka Ke Liya and Music was emotional ??? Riddhi was true about Sri just usko apne liye awaz uthane ki zaroorat hain warna Sri is best !! wah wah Congo Sri Anna Bole aur Bole ki KK ke tote udd gaye …??? bhai mein toh ladooo batunga ??? woh bhi mere fav Motichur ke ladoo !! KK was so rude to SRI so simply He said Business was belongs to only Krishna Kant Reddy sayad Aaj Anushka and Karthik ko bhi pata chal gaya hoga how is their father !! well Job Sri proud of you !! KK deserves daughter in law like Noopur not Riddhi who was all time smiling and enjoying fight of family !! Can’t see Anushka crying yaar !!
    Precap : Aww Finally Siddhant confessed To Sweetyji that He Loves Anushka !! Siddhant pls don’t do this i know u r doing this so that Anushka will be away from Reddy family after wedding and you can fulfill ur revenge easily but that will create more complications and all that a!!

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