Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Attempts To Murder Sudhanshu

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri tells Siddhant that Neeta called her to know about the rituals. Purva says we would have order food, why did you make food? Gayatri asks her to shut up. KK’s family comes there. Siddhant thinks it is good that she didn’t come and is about to close the door, but Anushka comes there and asks her not to close door at her face. Siddhant gets happy seeing her. Nupur asks Siddhant why you are there? Siddhant says he is helping his mum. Nupur says chef will do. Siddhant says we have no chef, we help ourselves. Riddhi says Anushka didn’t want to come, but I told her that I will not go without her. Srikant says even I didn’t want to come. Karthik says then I wouldn’t have come. Anushka goes to help Gayatri. Gayatri says Siddhant is helping her. KK asks Rao to make special meal for

Sudhanshu as if it is his last meal. He plans to kill him. Karthik says sorry to Purva and she forgives him. Karthik gets moved with her simplicity. Nupur sees them talking.

Siddhant tells Gayatri that he will add some mirchi. He comes out and tells Srikant that he likes his attitude and wants him to handle bank business. Srikant says Karthik will handle. Siddhant says I thought what is right for the project. Riddhi gets thinking. She comes to Nupur and says I have noticed that you have more interference on business. She says my Dad never differentiated between Karthik and Srikant. Nupur says my dad thinks Karthik shall handle and asks if Srikant is getting insecure. Riddhi says he is not insecure. Siddhant thinks plan is working. Anushka gets upset hearing them.

Siddhant thinks that’s why I didn’t want you to come here. He asks Purva to tell joke. Purva says you don’t laugh at all. Siddhant asks her to tell something fresh so that someone smile. Purva tells joke. Siddhant laughs, but Anushka doesn’t laugh.

Vedant comes there. Siddhant gets upset seeing him. Gayatri greets him and says she will serve food. Anushka says I didn’t know that you will come here. Vedant says Nupur called him and told that Gayatri invited you. Vedant and Siddhant talk. Vedant talks about his work and tells that he is happy as Anushka is happy. Siddhant says lets drink. Vedant says infront of everyone? Siddhant says yes, but nobody will know. Everyone sit to have food. Siddhant gives drink to Vedant and tells that it is diet coke. They all compliment Gayatri for the food which she made. Anushka asks Siddhant to give her diet coke. KK serves food to Sudhanshu. Sudhanshu says he can’t have much. KK says you are close to my heart and says you understand before I tell you anything. Sudhanshu eats the food and he coughs as his condition deteriorates.

Srikant tells KK that even he has right on the business. KK slaps him. Anushka asks Siddhant to drive fast. Siddhant says I am with you.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This show is very interesting … Deserves better viewers ..people are habituated to routine shows dis is different… I am watching past 3 months all Sony TV shows are so nice

  2. Today we got to know kk true color..think
    Siddhant will save sudhanshu..

  3. Fenil

    Hello YPNTKH Family !!
    Siddant with Vegetables ? Poorva’s concern was obvious but Gayatriji’s too we should ignore their richness ….riti riwaz nibhane padte hain tum log toh modern ho gaye ho ? Siddhant again planned to ruin their happiness …He was expecting to Anushka at door for sometime ??? care for her is overpower him …kam se kam muh pe toh darwaza band mat karo and Anushka finally came ?? !! “Woh Aye Ghar Mein Khuda Ki Kudarat Hain ,Kabhi hum unko Kabhi hum apne Ghar ko dekhte hai” ????? Awww that was so cute when Anushka ke bina Riddhi nahi Riddhi ke bina Srikant nahi Srikant ke bina Kartik nahi ????? Drama king Siddhant was really funny Humari Aankhaon mein aanshu aa gaye ??? LAST MEAL KK ???? Poorva ki simpleness touched Karthik ????
    “Maa hum jara Mirchi laga ke ate hain ” Siddhant pls stop it today for God Sake dude !! nooper to rani jaise behave kar rahi hain …Riddhi good taunt Tehzib toh yahi kehti hain lakin tum toh India se bahar rahi ho toh tumhara sikhna baki hain well played !!! bas mil gayi khushi Siddhant Anushka ko rula ke …tum chahte the siddhant ki Anushka aaj nahi aye but tum ruk jate tumne kyun yeh sab kiya tum ek aur chahte ho Anushka affect na ho aur ek tum hi ho jo usko dard de rahe …yaha tum galat ho !! Poorva’s joke was good smile came on my face !! rajneeti mein hokar Art me dilchaspi !! dining scene was good !! precap : interesting ~~

  4. thanks Ma for your update. Fenil your comments are awesome. Lucky, hope when Sid saves Sudhanshu the truth is not out, or else Sid is in trouble. I hope somehow, Karthik truly loves Purva, not crocodile love like KK.

    1. Ya … purva is so quite and innocent….her brother is very smart and intelligent

    2. Fenil

      Thanks Dear Deb !!

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