Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu Gets Worried For Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweety says you haven’t done right with me and says if anything had happened to you then I wouldn’t have seen my face in mirror. Siddhant hugs him and asks what did Doctor say? Sweety says Doctor said that cocaine will be in blood for 12-16 hours. Siddhant says we have to be away from Delhi till then. Sweety says what we will do 12 hours. They travel in the car and have food. Siddhant says we shall not stay at one place and have to travel. They come to the dhaba. Siddhant asks stars to sleep and says environment is romantic, and I am bachelor. Sweety says I am married, but now I am with you. Siddhant says you will be with your wife tomorrow. Sweety asks Siddhant what is Anushka’s matter. He says nothing. Anushka thinks about Siddhant and a song plays. A fb is shown, Anushka cries

seeing him in pain. Siddhant tells her that rich people are soft. She messages him and asks if he is fine. Siddhant tells Sweety that they were childhood friends and tells that Anushka don’t care about me. Sweety says you have risked your life and won case for Anu. Siddhant says everything is ended, now I have nothing to do with her. Anushka cries and worries for Siddhant.

Prabhakar reads the newspaper about Siddhant winning the case. He comes to his room and finds him not at home. He asks his wife. His wife tells that Siddhant told that he will have party with his friends. Prabhakar asks Purva then. Purva says he don’t tell me and asks him to ask Anushka.

Anushka comes there and says she thought to congrats Siddhant. Siddhant’s mother says we thought he is having party with you all. Anushka says no. Prabhakar says she is not with you. Anushka says I will leave now. She sees Siddhant coming. Siddhant walks inside. Anushka walks towards him. Siddhant says what is the matter? Your highness is at my house. She asks where was you? Siddhant says I was having party. Anushka says I know how you won the case and asks if his life is only his. Siddhant says then who have the right on my life. Anushka says if your family comes to know this then. Siddhant asks her to tell them. Anu thinks why do I care for him. Siddhant comes inside. Purva and his mum tell that Prabhakar is angry. Siddhant says he will take rest. He asks why did Anu come? Purva says she was going from here and asked about you.

KK throws party and tells his wife that he will inform everyone about his dream, he says he will be the richest businessman. Siddhant is getting ready. Purva asks are you going to party. Gayatri tells that Prabhakar didn’t tell me about party. Prabhakar calls Gayatri and ask something. Purva ties his tie. Prabhakar asks where you are going? Purva says to KK uncle’s party. Prabhakar says it is KK’s family party. Just then KK calls them and invites Gayatri and others to party. He asks Prabhakar to bring his family. Siddhant thinks he will get chance of shortcut which he will not refuse.

Precap: In the party, Siddhant looks at Anushka. Srikant asks what happened? Siddhant says I tried to commit suicide as I was betrayed in love.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fenil

    Sweetyji and Siddhant adorable friendship !! Hum Khate Bhi Rahe Hain Apni Manzil ki aur badh bhi rahe hain ” Ek Soni si janani hain aur aapke saath tare gin rahe ho lol so sweet sweety ji , Dukhti rag pe haath rakh diya Sweetyji !! Piya Pardeshiyaa….fir liya mukh naina laga ke…Piya Pardeshiyaan… wah wah so awesome song. Anushka was so worried following by flashback memories “Ameer log jyada hi sofety hote ho” Bada Pain Ho Raha Hain Kya Siddhant touched my heart. Fikar hain But Jatayenge Nahi …Sapno ke tare …man ke shivale loote…Piya Pardeshiyaan…made my Night and Day. Beta Bata ke toh jata hain aur jyada pucha toh kuch nahi batayega !!Worried Anushka arrived Sinha villa !!La la la Ahh haan hmmm hmm came face to face Kaha the ? Tumse matlab,Sorry tumhe invite karna bhul gaya jaise tum bhul jati thi ,Fikar hain jata bhi do , “YEH JAAN SIRF TUMHARI APNI HAIN KYA ?” “AUR KISKA HAQ HAIN HUMARI JAAN PE ? ” Ho HO HO Chorus music was so fantstic .Papa nahane gaye hain pehle nikal lo barkhudar lol Purva !! Party me Siddhant ka naam nahi liya jayega aisa hi lag raha hain He will get hurt !! KK “Gayatri bhabhi aapki awaz sune jaman ho gaya hain” Sid”Ab toh upper se order aaya hain ab kaha mana kar payenmge Pujaniya Pitashree” his proud smile killing yaar. Precap- aflatoon Anushka was looking so gorgeous !!

    1. Medha

      So glad after reading your review. Pura episode rewind ho gya!
      Lovely… ❤
      Thank you ?

      1. Fenil

        Thank you Medhsss !!


      ???.. .. bhai… phir se highlights dikha diya hum ko….. ?…..

      1. Fenil

        Thank you Bro !!

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