Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Conspire To Break SHARK

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant and Anushka are in the car. Sweety ji calls him and asks did you meet Vohra? Siddhant asks him to take a breath. Anushka asks did you meet Vohra. Siddhant says I hide things sometimes. Anushka says you shall hear your CEO. She thinks she will not leave her. Gayatri asks Neeta why did you call me? Neeta asks how do you feel after Prabhakar left? Gayatri says she feels lonely and waits for her children. Neeta says even I feel the same now a days. Gayatri says God shall keep you always with KK. Neeta says sometimes someone gives us pain. Gayatri asks if KK told something. Neeta says no and says I felt light after talking to you and asks her not to tell kids. Gayatri assures her. Siddhant calls Goel to the hotel room and asks Sweety to go there, but nobody shall see you. He says he

will do some other work. He thinks he did the work and rest is on God. Anushka comes to KK and sees Siddhant waiting there. She tells him that Siddhant doesn’t follow protocol and went to meet Vohra. She asks him to take action against him. KK says Siddhant told me about it. Siddhant tells that if I had not went to meet him then Goel would have done deal with Vohra. KK asks him to be careful. Siddhant tells that he will go to meet Vohra when Sudhanshu goes to meet him. Anushka says you will not go there and asks if she has any value being CEO. Sweety talks to Siddhant. Siddhant tells that he is coming. Anushka says you will not go anywhere today and says she wants some updates from him. Sweety waits for Goel and Siddhant. Anushka sees Siddhant restless. Siddhant thinks everything shall happen as planned.

Sudhanshu tells Vohra that they will the deal with old rates else not. Vohra thinks of Siddhant’s words and tells that he can’t settle for old price. Goel calls Siddhant. Anushka is not letting him go. Goel thinks Siddhant is 20 mins late. Sudhanshu gets up to go. Goel sees him and greets him asking about his proposal. Sudhanshu says he needs to go now, will talk later. Employee comes and gives chocolate to Anushka Anushka smiles. Siddhant takes chocolate too. Anushka thinks meeting must be over and asks Siddhant to go.

KK gets the parcel from Vohra which actually Siddhant has sent. KK sees Sudhanshu and Goel’s pic as they shake hands. KK doubts on Sudhanshu and says you did wrong. Siddhant and Sweety laughs. Siddhant tells him that KK told that he understood that Sudhanshu is betraying him. Siddhant says he can’t be wrong. He tells Sweety that KK is misunderstanding Sudhanshu and says he insisted to go so that Anushka stops him. He laughs.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi all
    Thanks MA for prompt update.
    Hope Sid does not get caught in his own web and the SHARK eats him up leaving him a pauper and helpless and kill his mum. I hope Purva is not roped in as a bait and I sincerely hope she stays away from Karthik. In fact I think Vedant and Purva should be together, then Sid and Anushka will have their own love journey. I hope Vedant falls in love with Purva head over heels.

    Lets hope it happens. How, when , I don’t know.

    1. Fenil

      u want Poorva with Vedant but i want Poorva and Karthik !!

      1. Fenil I was thinking of Poorva safety, KK can get her killed like he did with Prabhakar. He will not dare to do it when Vedant is a politician. So KK he will think twice, that is the only reason. I think he will food poison Sudhanshu as seen from the precap. What do you think? Sid has taken a bi…………g risk by playing with high gamers… Sudhanshu, KK, Vohra and Goyal. Um! need guts..

  2. Fenil

    hello family !!
    Sweetyji toh marwa hi dete aaj but galti Siddhant ki thi kyun call speaker pe rakha ??? Anushka got angry superb she looks cute !! Neetaji and Gayatriji’s convo was nice and light !! Goyal phasa jaal me ,Sweetyji bhi taiyaar hai, Anushka came to make complain but as expect Siddhant was there and clears with KK …Anushka bOss giri dikhane lagi maja aa gaya Siddhant ki bolti band ??? woh nikal raha toh Anu piche piche…jane nahi diya….tum kahi nahi jaoge mujhe kuch updates chahiye aaj tum mere cabin me rahoge ????bechara siddhant….Anu ne usse apne samne baitha diya aur woh time dekh raha hain…Anu-yeh baar baar ghadi kyun dekh rahe ho ..kahin jana hain Sid-nahi Anu-hmm sochna bhi mat ????aaj ek aur birthday of sharma ji..sid ne maang ke chocolate li…Anu ke experessions dekhne layak the…besharam ladka type…bahar kitna bhi bishan toofan ho lakin tumhare chehre pe smile dekh kar humara bhi man khil uth ta hain ???….Siddhant ne trap toh achha feka hain but kahin ulta na pad jaye…

    Precap : KK saying to Raoji aadmi ko fav khilao kya pata woh uska aakhri khana ho aur waha Sudhanshu khas ne lagta hain, At Sinha Home…Sid ask poorva to tell joke ki sadu se sadu insaan bhi hasne lage aur waha Vedant ata hai aur Anu vedant ke saath busy hoti hain hasne me Siddhant sad hota hai

  3. Karthik already married yar…. If he fell in love with purva before marriage it will be nice …
    Siddhant and kk acting is very good …
    In fact all actors are good in their roles ..

  4. Fenil

    Dear Deb, i too want Gayatriji and Poorva safe at any cost…but vedant is not looking good with Anu and vedant is hell bent towards Anu so long long ni chance for poorva… I too thinks its normal foid poison. Yaa he is taking big big risk nd i hope khud hi apne traps me wraps nq ho jate.

    Luckii, yaa agree but Nupur ko dekh kar lagta nahi shadi tikegi…har waqt pyaar fresh ho zaroori nhi.

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