Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Plans To Make Anushka Refuse To Marry Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant tells Gayatri that he loves Anushka and confessed his feelings to her infront of all. He tells that he got this injury there. Gayatri says you didn’t think about my decision. Siddhant says even if Papa would have been alive, he would ask me to do same. Gayatri asks if he will forget what KK has done. Siddhant says no and tells that he will take revenge with right way. Gayatri asks him not to expect anything from her when Anushka comes there. Karthik is angry on Siddhant. Anushka comes there and tells that she is very happy with her engagement and loves Siddhant since her childhood. She also loves me since childhood. Karthik asks why didn’t he tell before. Anushka says he is a decent man and it was not easy for him to confess his feelings. She says if they don’t accept them,

then she will feel lonely. Srikant and Karthik agree for their alliance and hug her. Karthik thinks I will never believe him.
Purva comes to Siddhant and says she talked to Anushka and she told about their engagement. She says you went to Anushka and Vedant’s engagement and got engaged to her. She says I was doubtful on you both, but you both are declining. She asks about his injury. Prabhakar asks him to tell the truth. Siddhant tells her truth. Purva is shocked.

Siddhant comes to Anushka and asks her to meet him in coffee shop. Anushka asks her to tell what happened. Siddhant says it is husband and wife talk. Anushka smiles. They meet in the coffee shop. Anushka asks him to talk about husband and wife talk. Siddhant asks her to hear first and tells that he wants to resign from Reddy corporation as he don’t want to work with his sasur. He says we will have less money and asks if she will be okay. Anushka says ok and asks him to talk romantic. Siddhant says lets go to your cabin and talk about employee and boss talk. Anushka asks Siddhant to go out and knock on the door. She teases him. Siddhant knocks on the door. She asks him to wait. Srikant comes and apologizes to Siddhant for yesterday. Siddhant says it is paining still. Srikant says Anushka loves you a lot and hugs him. He asks why is he standing here. Siddhant says Anushka gave him punishment and asks him to wait outside. Srikant asks him to obey her for a happy life.

KK thinks he never lose bet. He thinks about the bet with Prabhakar. Rao comes to KK. KK slaps him twice and asks him to lower his tone. He scolds him for not finding about Siddhant and KK’s love. He tells that he did wrong by killing Prabhakar, says plan was full proof , but also Siddhant has found about it. Rao asks then why did you agree for marriage. Kk says for Anushka, but he will do something because of which Anushka will refuse to marry Siddhant.

Gayatri asks Anushka not to marry Siddhant. Anushka asks why she doesn’t want her to marry him. Gayatri says she don’t want Siddhant to get killed. Anushka is shocked.

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  1. Interesting precap I think definitely siddant marry another girl through anuska’s sake.

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