Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Neeta Confronts KK

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant and Neeta return home. Neeta says whatever happened today shall be between us and says I have faith on KK fully. Siddhant promises that he will keep it a secret. He thinks this is the first wound from his side. Sweety ji comes there and asks why did he call the file. Anushka comes there and asks why did they come? Siddhant says for neeta’s work. Sweety asks about Neeta’s work. Siddhant says Sita shall be out before fire broke out in lanka. Sweety says it is good that you have no Sita in this lanka. Siddhant thinks his Sita is here, and he can’t attack this lanka without keeping her Sita out. KK tries to open the door and asks Neeta to open the door. Neeta asks him to be out for the night and tells that she wants to be alone. KK asks her to open the door and gets tensed. Siddhant

thinks of Anushka and thinks she is upset with him as she thought that he flirted with Nupur. He thinks to hide his feelings in the book and thinks you was away from me for seven years and you didn’t get any guy. And I also didn’t get any girl as you are in my heart. He thinks it was his life’s painful moment to let her go and feels pain seeing her with Vedant. Anushka thinks Siddhant’s happiness is his career.

Anushka sees KK on the sofa and asks what is he doing here? He says he is just relaxing and will change his clothes. Anushka asks if everything is fine. KK says yes. Anushka says I will come with you to room. KK asks her to go to her room and rest. He gets upset. She goes to KK and Neeta’s room and knock on the door. Neeta thinks KK came and says she will not open the door. Anushka says I am here. Neeta says she is tired and wants to relax. Anushka goes. KK wakes up in the morning and sees Rao standing all night. Rao asks what are you doing here? KK says it is some personal matter. He goes to his room and asks Neeta what did you do last night. Neeta says I was thinking what to do all night and want to kick you out of my life, and then I thought I have no option, as if I do this, then nothing will happen to you as you are a big businessman and I am a failed actress. He says you got those articles published. KK says it is a lie and asks who did this? Neeta says you have fallen down from my sight

Siddhant smiles and tells Gayatri that very bad thing will happen to his enemy and he is not going there to see his condition. Gayatri says it is bad to think wrong about someone. Siddhant thinks he will dig his burial place. Karthik brings pendant for Nupur. Nupur says she likes it, but dislikes the color. She asks him to ask Vedant or her parents, and do some research. Karthik gets sad and tells thathe brought something for her for first time and she disliked it. She removes the pendant. Everyone gather for the breakfast. Anushka asks Neeta to sit near KK. Neeta sits beside her. Anushka tells that she made Italian dish. KK says he will eat. Neeta says she will not have heavy breakfast in the morning. KK asks Nupur about her Singapore trip. Nupur tells them that her father is coming for Indian branch. Srikant gets upset. Neeta, Karthik, Nupur and Srikant leave. Anushka thinks why everyone is upset.

Siddhant sees Anushka crying and suggests her to go to America.

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  1. Siddhant wat a smart man….good heroism and acting

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