Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant And Anushka Get Engaged

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant asks Anushka to hold his hand and says I love you so much. Everyone is shocked. Srikant asks how dare you to throw dirt on my sister and pushes him on floor. He beats him. Karthik asks beats him and says you have insulted all family. Siddhant falls down injured as blood comes out of his mouth. Anushka stops Karthik from keeping his leg on him. She asks if they will kill Siddhant. She asks KK to stop Karthik and Anna. KK says Siddhant raised his eyes on my daughter and says he will not stop. Anushka asks them not to beat him. Vedant says he has accused your would be husband and you are saying not to beat him, and says beat him more and make him into pieces. Anushka tries to stop Vedant. Vedant slaps her.. Anushka falls down. KK asks how dare you to beat my daughter. Vedant says

I will beat her repeatedly, if she crosses her limits. KK is shocked. Siddhant gets up and tells that he has beaten up by Anushka’s brothers, but will not let him beat him or Anushka. Vedant’s parents get upset and leaves.

Vedant says you will repent. Nupur’s parents you have insulted Shrivastav family. Siddhant holds his hand infront of KK and says I have decided not to let anything wrong happen. He tells that he can’t let Anushka marry a wrong person and tells that he loves her a lot always. He says she always loves him. Srikant asks him to leave. KK asks Anushka. Anushka says I have always loved Siddhant and he loves me like you do, and whom I will love immensely. KK asks then why did you agree to marry Vedant. Anushka says for your happiness, I thought I will be happy without him. KK says my happiness lies in my daughter’s happiness. Neeta and Riddhi get happy. KK asks Riddhi to bring engagement ring. Karthik and Srikant are upset. KK asks them to exchange rings. Nupur, Srikant and Karthik oppose. KK asks them to exchange ring. Anushka makes him wear ring first. Siddhant then makes her wear ring. KK tells Anushka that he is happy with their engagement and says you will marry this Sunday.

Purva asks Gayatri why they are not going to Anushka’s engagement. Gayatri doesn’t tell her and tells that even Siddhant will not come. Neeta blesses Anushka and Siddhant. Siddhant says whatever I do will be rightly.
Doctor bandages Siddhant’s wound. Anushka sits by his side. Siddhant says I thought not to tell you how much I love you, but see I told infront of everyone. He says he talked to your Appa and will take Dulhaniya home. He says he has something in him. She pats on his face for troubling him. Anushka says only mad girl like me can love you. She says you have broken my heart and I love you more everytime. She says I am more mad than you. He gives her bell and thanks her for loving him and accepting him the way he is. He asks her to get ready for roller coaster ride and says we will become one soon. Neeta asks KK to be happy as his daughter got engaged. KK says I am happy. Neeta says I am happy that Anushka got lifepartner of her choice who loves her a lot, and also I am happy that you are upset that your employee’s son has stolen Anushka from under your nose. KK says you are right and tells that he agreed for Anushka’s happiness. Siddhant comes there and says he wants to talk to him before going.

Siddhant tells KK that he knows that he had killed his father using Reddy Corporation 25 years book and tells that he will take revenge from him and smiles. KK is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Well done siddhant.nice.❤❤

  2. Todays episode was so good. Really all the actors nailed their performance. Everyone was so natural.

  3. Lokesh

    Waah , kya baat hai Sinha ji aaj to Kamal hi Kar dia apne, but kk something fishy , he agreed so soon.

  4. Today episode Awesome .. finally Anushka and siddhant got engaged …☺️
    Neeta comment on Kk is mind blowing she now understood her husband kk well
    But in Precap siddhant tells Kk that he knows all his truth …
    Yar siddhant ithni jaldi kyo ?
    Atleast he may wait for 1 week …
    I want to see Anushka and siddhant love track their happy moments
    But yai siddhant reveals what he know about KK .
    If he wait Some days we will get chance watch love track

  5. Possible that Siddhant’s mom might have issues with the marriage. She just learned that KK was her husband’s murderer. She may not be too enthusiastic someone from that household coming in as the daughter in law.

  6. Minna Chandran

    Yes gayatri is going to oppose then he will remind her about the love before revenge advise. I think the serial is ending soon that’s why all things will happen fast

  7. This is a fast moving story – really impressed by the twists and turns. I am hooked on this show!

    Great cast too!

    In the beginning, it looked like Anushkha’s mother and Karthik were trying to bump off Prabhakar Sinha and perhaps, Karthik got the airline crash done. But now, looks like KK did it. Somehow, i think KK did not kill Prabhakar and probably got trapped in a bigger conspiracy.

    My guess now is Anushkha will take the lead on investigation into Prabhakar’s death, airline crash and KK’s backstory.

    Will see how it goes – I am sure this show will have a longer run.

  8. nice episode. Itna Accha Serial ko itna jaldi end karthey. isa nahi hosaktha.

  9. Good episode. Excellent acting all actors.

  10. Fenil

    WOW just WOW Episode !!
    Brillent Anushka just nailed it by holding vedant and giving him tight reply !!
    Superb KK slapped Vedant i am so happy happy !!
    Siddhant stopped vedant from slapping KK is ok !!
    FINALLY SIDKA gets Engaged !!

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