Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Stops Anushka’s Engagement And Proposes Her

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri cries badly and shouts. Siddhant asks her to handle herself and consoles her. Gayatri says this can’t be true as KK loved Prabhakar a lot. Siddhant says it was a lie, KK is a selfish man and whatever he does is for himself. Gayatri continues to cry and asks how did you know? Siddhant tells that he came to know on the day of Karthik’s marriage. Gayatri says KK told about the poison. She says why didn’t you tell me. Siddhant says for your safety, else KK wouldn’t have left us alive. He says he knows KK’s many crimes and says he got the plane aircrashed, and got Hira murdered. Gayatri asks him to fight with KK becoming Prabhakar Sinha and says I am with you. She asks him to follow the right path and not to forget that they want revenge from him. She tells that she will go

to temple.

KK asks why you are not happy. Anushka is silent. Neeta asks what happened? Anushka is silent. KK asks her to tell if there is something. Anushka says I have to go leaving you after my marriage then I can’t eat food made by you, then who will tell me that I made his day. She says who will love me more than you. KK hugs him and says I will make you eat cabbage dish. He says nobody can love you like me, but you have to marry. I am happy as you are marrying with my wish. He says you are a good daughter. Neeta asks her to get ready. Riddhi asks Anushka what you wanted to say. Neeta calls Riddhi. Riddhi goes. Anushka sits on her bed and thinks she has to get engaged for KK’s happiness.

KK welcomes the guests. Vedant comes to KK’s house. Upadhya tells Vedant that he came from KK’s side. Vedant says I know. Siddhant thinks he will fight with right way and follow Prabhakar Sinha’s footsteps. He imagines Prabhakar coming to him and hugging him. He apologizes to him. Prabhakar says you are my son and I was never upset with you. Siddhant tells that Maa told him to fight with right way, but he didn’t know what to do. Prabhakar says whenever you call me, I will be with you and will answer to all your questions. Siddhant asks from where to start? Prabhakar reminds him of Gayatri’s words and asks him to choose love between love and revenge, and says your choice shall be love always. Siddhant thinks I know what to do.

Neeta asks Nupur to get something from Anuska’s room. Riddhi says I will bring and goes to Anushka’s room. She asks her to get ready and says guests have come. She takes her ring to do puja and asks what is she thinking. She asks her to get ready. Anushka says I am getting myself ready. Siddhant wears suit and gets dressed nicely. He tells Gayatri that he wants Pitashri’s tie. Gayatri asks if he is going somewhere? Siddhant says he is going to do right. Gayatri makes him wear tie and blesses him.

Riddhi makes Anushka ready and asks her to come. KK asks Neeta about Siddhant, Purva and Gayatri. Neeta says they will come. KK admires his daughter and takes her out. Srikant and Karthik smile seeing her. Vedant is about to make Anushka wear ring when Riddhi stops him and says girl make the groom wear ring first. KK says it doesn’t matter. Riddhi asks him to let Anushka make Vedant wear the ring first. Siddhant comes there and asks Anushka to stop. Srikant asks what happened? Siddhant goes to Anushka and tells that he is a fool, stupid, cunning, clever, but not a liar. He says I want to tell you truth and tells that when I told you that Vedant can’t keep you happy and asked you not to get engaged to him. He says I told you truth and tells that only he loves her a lot and will keep her happy. Everyone is shocked. Riddhi smiles for them. Anushka doesn’t know how to react.

Siddhant asks Anushka to accept his love. Karthik, Srikant and Vedant beat him, when someone stops him. Siddhant gets injured and falls down. Anushka gets shocked.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Lokesh

    So finally we got to see Prabhakar unkle also daily. And I love u Gayatri ji.u r principles just wow.

  3. Today episode also nice ..all are performing so naturally .actors who are playing roles of .Anushka.. siddhant ..Gayatri … prabhakar ..
    Precap all are beating siddhant …if Anushka accept his love infront of her family then they will stop

  4. Riddhi also very supportive to Anushka. Atleast she has one to share her feelings

    1. Mona146

      nice bhabhi-nanad realtionship.

  5. Fenil

    Aflatoon Episode !!
    Gayatriji aka Alkaji nailed it !!

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