Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Informs Gayatri About KK Murdering Prabhakar

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rao ji asks Siddhant what he was doing with stairs. Siddhant says he was walking when he saw stairs and was moving it. He couldn’t get sleep. Rao ji asks him to leave the stairs and takes him to his room. He asks him to drink two pegs to get good sleep. He says you will be surprised to see KK’s right hand to stay in simple room. He says you came in my room for first time. Siddhant says yes and thinks to make him drunk and know the secrets. Anushka eats jaggery in the kitchen to hurt herself, as she is allergic to it and cries. Rao ji asks Siddhant if he is happy with Anushka’s engagement. Siddhant says I am very happy as she is my childhood friend. Rao ji says Anushka is his big responsibility, after her marriage, KK can give his 100 percent to his dream. He says he wants to become

number 1 businessman of India. He tells that KK misses Prabhakar a lot and says he was nice and useful man. He says KK had done so much to get Prabhakar in his company and says builder…and sleeps due to drowsiness. Siddhant thinks about the case in which Prabhakar was accused to take bribe from a builder.

Purva asks Gayatri if she couldn’t sleep and says I know you can’t sleep without bhai and asks her to call him back. Gayatri looks on. He comes home and gets the newspaper cutting about the builder’s name. He comes to Kundan’s house and says he is Siddhant Sinha, Prabhakar Sinha’s son. Kundan says that lawyer.

Anushka is sad and thinks she doesn’t have the right to see the dreams. She says to tell the truth, she is still hopeful.

Siddhant asks the builder Kundan if his father was a bad guy. Kundan says I didn’t see honest man like him. He says all the accusations were fake. A fb is shown, KK offers a job to Prabhakar. Prabhakar refuses. Kundan says KK wanted Prabhakar in his company and that’s why he gave an offer which I can’t refuse. A fb is shown, Kundan tries to bribe Prabhakar, but he refuses. Siddhant asks why he was accused then? kundan says I got the news published and because of that his licenced was canceled. KK got his licence back, but Prabhakar left his practice. He joined KK’s business. Kundan tells Siddhant that he is happy that Prabhakar has a son like him who reached the truth. He asks Siddhant to stay away from KK and says he is very dangerous. Siddhant feels bad and reminisces Prabhakar.

Riddhi comes to Anushka and says what will happen if anyone comes to know that you cried all lot and got the dark circles. She says nobody will be happy. Neeta brings engagement stuff. Anushka likes simple things. KK asks Anushka what happened if Vedant did something. Gayatri comes out of her house and sees Siddhant crying badly sitting outside their house gate. She asks what happened? Siddhant says I thought Pita shri wrong. Gayatri asks him to come inside.

Riddhi tells KK that girls get nervous before marriage. KK asks if she is not happy with the marriage then tell him. Riddhi says Anushka is nervous to go to someone else house. Neeta says she is a girl and is feeling sad. KK says ok. Anushka thinks of Siddhant’s words and tells KK that she is not happy. Gayatri makes him drink water and asks what happened? Siddhant says I thought Pita shri wrong since many days and reminds her about the case in which Prabhakar was accused to take money from the builder. He says KK reddy have trapped him in the case and says I met that builder, he told me that he tried to bribe Pitashri on his saying. Gayatri says this can’t happen. Siddhant tells her that how can a man working in coal mine will become rich. He says KK had taken advantage of Pita shri and when he thought he can come in his way, he killed him. Gayatri asks what are you saying? Siddhant says KK had killed my Pitashri. Gayatri is shocked.

Siddhant comes to KK’s house and asks Anushka to stop as she is about to make Vedant wear engagement ring. He then holds Anushka’s hand and tells that she will be happy with the one who loves her a lot and says I love you very much. Anushka looks on.

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  1. Mona146

    nice episode. you wanted to confront ur dad siddhant but see whats the truth?

  2. Nice episode.waiting for tomorrow.

  3. Today episode is very nice…. Precap is very interesting finally siddhant takes a imp step for his love …

  4. Wonderful

  5. Loved the episode Siddhant was the charmer in this episode but gayatri jee took everything to the most uplifting level… Gayatri jee She is lovely #alkaamin most beautiful most natural actress , the only one who can match #Anuragarora and krishnakant reddy

  6. Interesting serial . Worth watching it.

  7. Interesting serial . Worth watching it.

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