Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Tries To Expose KK Before Neeta

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karthik gives chocolates to Purva and asks about work. Purva gets happy and asks if he got it from Switzerland. Karthik says he can as their flight goes there also. Purva says it is enough and tells that tells that whoever gets chocolates for her from Switzerland, she will name her life for him. Karthik gets touched and tells her that he needs to talk to her over coffee. Neeta thanks Siddhant and tells KK that he did her work. KK asks what? Siddhant tells about her film release. KK asks him why is he doing stupid work. Neeta gets upset and says you don’t help me and not allowing others to work for me. KK asks about his work. Siddhant says he is doing. He comes home and asks Purva why did he give tie to Anuska. Purva tells that she found the tie in his old dirty clothes and that’s why

took it for the airlines collection uniform. Siddhant recalls searching something and the tie getting down from the window. He asks her not to work with Reddy and says he wants her to study. Gayatri asks if he is hiding something from them. Purva says practical exposure is necessary. Siddhant talks to Sweety and says my mum got alone and he wants to give same loneliness to KK.

Siddhant talks to Neeta and tells her about the meeting with Mukherjee. She says she don’t want to meet. Siddhant convinces her and plans to expose KK’s truth. Nupur comes to the office and collides with Siddhant. She says she felt good seeing him. Siddhant asks if she is joining business? She says she is not. Anushka comes there and asks when did she come from Singapore? Nupur says just now and came to surprise Karthik. She tells that Siddhant is flirting with her and tells that he will go a long way. Siddhant thinks she is very clever, when did I flirt with her.

Purva laughs and says Karthik wants tips from me to impress his wife and laughs. Karthik asks her not to laugh. Purva says I thought you have many girlfriends. Karthik says no and says he gets nervous with girls. Purva says you are like us, deep down and simple and asks her to follow her trick. Karthik says ok and looks at her. Nupur asks Srikant about karthik. Srikant says he must have went for a meeting. Srikant asks about bank and says he has some ideas. Nupur says Papa wants Karthik to handle bank. Srikant gets upset. Anushka tells her that when elders give suggestion, they listen to them. Nupur says ok. She calls Karthik and asks where are you? He tells that he is in an important meeting. Siddhant calls Purva, she also lies to him that she is in sandy’s workshop. He comes to Srikant and asks about setting up the bank. Srikant gets irritated and asks him to ask Karthik about the bank.

Siddhant tells Sweety that somewhere fire broke out and says time has come to push KK reddy towards his pyre. He comes to Anushka and asks about the updates. Anushka says she read everything and asks some questions. Siddhant says I will tell you. Anushka asks him not to do anything to confuse her and says she went to America to study and not to do time pass.

Mukherjee thanks Neeta for the magazine and tells that he heard about the gossip. Neeta asks him to tell. Mukherjee tells that KK gave 3 times more profit to distributors to stop her film release. Neeta is shocked.

Siddhant tells Sweety that he wants to destroy KK Reddy.

Update Credit to: MA

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