Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Catches Siddhant’s Lie

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant talks to the distributor and comes to know about KK stopping Neeta’s film screening. He says don’t know why did he marry an actress when he hates acting. Anushka understands that Siddhant wants to burden her with updates and says she will read all updates. Siddhant asks Sweety ji to bring the tie else Anushka will take his class. He comes to Srikant and asks if he is doing bank work. Srikant says no. He says KK will take a final call. He asks about working with Sudhanshu. Siddhant says he stopped him from doing a mistake. Anushka comes and asks when you will return my stuff. Siddhant says by evening. Anushka leaves. Srikant asks what did you have? Siddhant says she is ruling on him being his new boss. He gets a call and says he is coming. He tells Srikant that KK is calling

him. He goes to KK and says you have called me. KK reminds him of his promise to give info about the man helping Goel. Siddhant says I don’t want to give half info. KK asks what do you mean?

Siddhant tells that he has found a name who is betraying him and hopes he findings are wrong. He says that man is very close to you. KK says he hates the people who betray him. Siddhant thinks then why did you betray my dad? He tells poetry and thinks he wants KK to ruin Sudhanshu and then only SHARK will break.

Anushka finds the tie in the designer’s ties which is for the airlines and asks Servant to ask Sandy from where did he get the tie? She thinks how can Siddhant be so careless. Siddhant comes and says he will give tie in the evening. Siddhant thinks what will happen when Neeta comes to know about KK behind ruining her career. He laughs and tells Sweety that wife is wife even if she is rich man or poor man ‘s wife. He says KK’s family life will go once Neeta comes to know about it. Sweety ji gives him tie and says he got it stitched. Siddhant thanks him.

Purva talks to Anushka and tells that karthik hired her for designing the uniform and tells that she got that tie there. Anushka says it was my gift for Siddhant and says you shouldn’t have brought it there. Purva says she brought it there as she thought Siddhant don’t want it, as it was kept with his old stuff. Anushka says ok and ends the call. Siddhant comes and gives her tie. She asks him if he is sure that this is the same tie. Siddhant says yes and asks why she is saying this? Anushka shows him tie which he gifted him.

She says this is original. Siddhant says both are same. Anushka says it is a designer tie which I got designed for you. Siddhant says sorry and says don’t know where it was misplaced. Anushka says you would have said that you have thrown it. Siddhant says I thought you will get upset. Anushka asks him not to lie to her. She says it was my gift for you. She says you showed me sky and threw my tie on floor. She says it was all lie and fake. She cries. Siddhant thinks don’t know what is truth or lie. He says whatever is lie to me, is truth for you.

Mukherjee tells Neeta that KK gave 3 times more money to Distributors to stop its release. Neeta is shocked. Siddhant smiles

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks MA for your unfailing effort to update the story daily. Much appreciated.
    I hope Sid does not get wrapped and trapped in his own web in the process of taking revenge with KK. KK is heartless, shrewd and cunning sweet knife.
    Um! Karthik and Purva’s friendship could be a challenge for Sid. Sid and Anu’s love story, what will happen.

  2. Minna Chandran

    Anushka and siddhant love story childish no chemistry kk is a good man what he did with his wife is personal between him and his wife siddhant is so blinded that he is acting like a fool if he loves anushka he should tell her the truth and sweety is the comedian in the story

  3. rajani bhethala

    its nice story but, we hav a prblm of time,and there is no repeat.

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