Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Gets Clue About KK Ruining Neeta’s Career

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant thinks he had thought with whom he wants to see the world with, but….Rao is talking on phone and tells someone that if he can’t do his work then he will do his work by himself. Sweety tries to hear him. Rao senses someone is behind him and is about to attack him, Sweety falls down and thinks he is a dangerous man. Rao invites him for lunch. Karthik talks to Nupur on phone and tells her that he would have come with her if she had told him about her plan to visit her house. Nupur says she knew that he will not accompany her and tells that she don’t need his permission. Purva comes there and greets Karthik. She asks about his honeymoon. Karthik says they returned as Nupur was unwell. He tells her that he wants her to design clothes for his airlines employees with Sandy malhotra.

Purva gets happy and asks did you bring chocolates for me. Karthik says chocolates? He says I was on my honeymoon and asks you expect me to bring chocolates when I am on honeymoon. Purva asks what is wrong? Karthik says he will bring next time. Purva asks him to have food.

Siddhant comes to Neeta and tells that tomorrow there is a meeting with censor board. He goes on praising him and tells that he is flattered by her beauty and would have fallen for her. He says I came to you that you were an actress. Neeta says I am not young that you are flirting with me. Siddhant says if I had seen you then wouldn’t have fallen for someone now. Anushka comes and sees her mum pics, and asks if she did any film. Neeta says she don’t want to talk.

Sweety tells Siddhant that Rao ji is very dangerous man and was about to attack him. Siddhant says they have to be careful. KK tells Neeta that he made coffee for her. They talk about their marriage. Neeta asks him not to act and says sometimes I feel that I don’t know you. KK says you just need to know that I love you very much and says you are an actor and not me. Neeta says if my film would have released, then my life would have been different. KK says yes. Neeta says what you could do, as film producer left country and prints were destroyed.

He comes home and asks Gayatri about the tie which Anushka asked him to return. Gayatri says don’t know where it is? Siddhant calls Sweety and asks him to buy the similar tie whose pic he has sent.

Vedant tells the speech to Anushka and practice it. Anushka asks if he really believes in his speech. Vedant tells that he tells what people want to hear. He tells that his speech is written by a team very carefully and says politics is also a profession. He asks her to come with him to the rally. Anushka says she is not interested to come. Vedant leaves.

Siddhant asks Censor board member to suggest 1-2 cuts and approve the film. Censor board member refuses. Siddhant says Neeta Maa’m is making two more pics, and asks him to direct one. He says if KK gets involved then? Censor board member says I need time to think. Mukherjee asks Siddhant about Prabhakar Sinha. Siddhant says he was my father. Mukherjee asks about Neeta and says she was an good actress and the film was good. Siddhant asks why did the film not released? Mukherjee says KK stopped that film release. Siddhant gets shocked.

Siddhant tells KK that he found the name who helped Goel. Anushka finds the tie with the Servant and gets angry on Siddhant. Siddhant waits for Sweety to return her tie.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank you MA for the update.But you didn’t write with details. In Kartik Purva scene Purva tells she will inform about the clothing design with her brother and mother.Mukharjee telling Siddhant that he did good thing taking KK Reddy’s name.Vedant telling Anushka that they are totally opposite but he will manage.Actually I am saying this because there are many who can’t watch it for many reasons but read it.
    Why do I think this Purva and Kartik gonna be a thing.May be in later Kartik and Nupur marriage will break and Purva and Kartik both will develop a feeling towards each other

  2. Why KK talks in third person?

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