Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Agrees To KK’s Opportunity, Anushka Gets Hurt

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK tells Siddhant that there is a change in armed forces deal and says you have to stay in Russia for a year and have to leave immediately after Karthik’s wedding. He says it is not family station, but war zone and you have to go alone. Siddhant says for a year. KK says I will not force you, but if you refuse then I will ask someone else. He asks him to decide and says then only he will enter him in board of directors. Siddhant takes a quick decision and agrees to go. KK appreciates him for quick decision, and says I would have given this work to Karthik, but as he is marrying, I am asking you to go. You are also like my son. Anushka hears him and thinks of Prabhakar’s words asking her to give right advice to Siddhant. Siddhant washes his face. Anushka comes and washes hers. She tells

Appa was right that you take quick decision, and says you didn’t think that how your loved ones will stay without you. She says you didn’t think of talking to Gayatri once. She says I don’t think you will be happy. Siddhant says it is easy for you to think and says I have reached here with much difficulty. He says I know what I am doing and why? Anushka asks what about Dulhaniya. Siddhant says did you think about Dulhaniya’s Appa thoughts about her groom. Anushka says final decision will be of the Dulhaniya. Siddhant says he wants to clear turmeric stains. Anushka cleans it and asks him to ask Gayatri once.

Riddhi comes to Anushka and asks what happened? Anushka tells her that Siddhant values his career more than anything else. She tells that she went to him and tried to make him understand because of Prabhakar uncle’s promise. Riddhi asks what is the matter? Anushka says I want to thank you for stopping me, as if I had confessed to Siddhant, and if he had refused, then I wouldn’t have bear. She leaves.

Siddhant talks to Sweety and tells him that he is going to Russia for a year. He asks him to come and says he will make him understand everything. Sweety gets upset. Siddhant says he will get involved in board of directors and says he can’t let big opportunity go. Sweety is upset and says when you have decided then why you are telling me and ends the call. Siddhant asks himself not to get emotional.

KK asks Anushka if she is thinking something. Anushka says she is tired. KK says he is thinking about her marriage, but will not get her marriage done so soon. He says you are my jigar ka thukda and asks about her opinion about Vedant? He says I think he is good and likes you also. Anushka says I didn’t think of him. KK asks her to think and says Vedant is a nice guy and will become cabinet minister soon, and may become prime minister, and you will be his wife. Anushka says you have thought a long way. KK asks her to think and tell her. Anushka says ok.

Siddhant comes to KK’s house and asks about Gayatri and Purva. He tries to talk to Purva, but she says she has work and will talk to him in the evening. He then tries to talk to Gayatri, but she is also busy. KK sees Siddhant and asks if he made the papers ready for Visa. He asks him to take the flight after Karthik’s wedding. Anushka makes coffee and gives to them. KK asks Anushka to learn from Siddhant how he grabs opportunity. He says I have given an opportunity to anushka, but she asked for time. He asks her to learn from Siddhant.

KK says Siddhant will reach a long way. He asks did you tell Bhabhi? Siddhant says no and says whoever loves me will be happy with my happiness. KK leaves. Siddhant asks Anushka what KK was telling? Anushka says Appa is seeing opportunity and not my happiness, just as you. She says she will go to America for forever after karthik’s wedding and cries. She goes to her room. Siddhant is speechless.

Siddhant talks to forensic doctor, who tells that 4 pages are rotten with holes. He says it can be made by rare poison. Karthik tells Siddhant that Rao ji took Reddy Corporation book from him and gave to Prabhakar on Appa’s saying. He says Rao can give his life and take life for Appa.

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  1. Yes Mr raj put poison on that 4 pages .Yes he turned every pages he was licking his finger bcz of poison he died ,,,,who pour poison ,Mr rao …..kk very hardly comes to this position ,,,,he does not want to loose , prbhaker told kk air lines deals or prbhaker chose any one ,,,,,now sid is investigation ,,,,,he is so
    brilliant,,so kk send send said out,,,,anushka will marry in mean time…..kk wishes never be success…..

  2. Yvonne Codner

    OMG… Did he poison him…he did insist that Prabhakar proofread the book. I always liked KK, but I am getting to see the ruthless side of him. I am stunned, I cannot believe KK would have his best friend killed. He is sending Siddhant away because he knows that Anu likes him and he is going to force her to marry Vedant.

  3. Nice epi & precap. Pls change the serial time slot sony tv.
    kk doing this all I don’t believe that. This only karthik and goel’s mind game to siddhant. Siddant you believed first yourself.
    Anyway finally this story is indicates what is important in our life love & opportunity.

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