Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: KK Bails Out Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purva comes to meet Siddhant in the lock up.. Siddhant asks why did you inform Anushka? Purva says she was tensed and that’s why informed her. Siddhant asks Sweety to ask Anushka to go, and says she is going to get engaged soon, it will be bad for her image. Anushka tries to talk to Siddhant. Inspector stops her and asks what is her relation with Siddhant. Sweety says she is KK’s daughter and Siddhant’s friend. Siddhant tells Anushka that she shouldn’t have come here.. Anushka says she wants to ask him two questions and asks if he had an affair with Hira, and also ask if he has murdered Hira. Siddhant asks what do you think? What your heart says? Rao ji calls Anushka and asks her to come home soon, and says it is matter of Vedant’s image. Anushka asks about bail. Rao ji says magistrate’s

mum in unwell and he will sign on the papers. Anushka tells that she trusts him and will stay in the Police station until the bail happens. Siddhant asks you loves me so much…yeh pyaar nahi toh plays..They have an eye lock. Purva comes home to get the food for him, but Gayatri stops her. Inspector asks Anushka to go, but she refuses. KK comes there with Rao ji and bails out Siddhant. He asks Anushka why she was so stubborn. Anushka says Siddhant is her friend and she can’t leave me in problem. Siddhant thanks KK. KK asks him to thank Anushka. Siddhant thanks her. Anushka says she will drop Siddhant and Purva, but KK says Rao will drop them and takes Anushka with him.

Siddhant comes home. Purva says Maa must be sleeping. Siddhant says I am very much hungry, let’s have food. Gayatri comes there and stop him from having food. She slaps him and asks him to answer to her two questions. She asks him what is his relation with Hira Murder case. He is silent. Gayatri says I got my answer and says you shall decide if you shall eat food at prabhakar sinha’s home or not. Siddhant tells that you have decided when you refused Purva to take food for me. He says this food is brought by Purva from somewhere else. He tells that he will not stay in the house. Purva tries to stop him. Siddhant tells that he has gone a very long way and have to leave the house. Purva cries and asks Gayatri to stop him. Siddhant asks Purva to take care of Gayatri.

Vedant asks Anushka about engagement theme. Anushka says she wants her engagement to have Andhra theme. Vedant asks her to choose their wedding theme. Anushka thinks of Siddhant and gets uncomfortable. She asks him for a coffee and goes.

Siddhant talks to Prabhakar’s pic and tells that he heard about the masked man story and says he doesn’t know that it was him only. He tells both Anushka and Gayatri talk about his values and think him good. He says Gayatri have thrown him out of his house talking about his values. He says only I know that it was fake and tells that he will take revenge from KK of his murder being his son, knowing everything about it. He says I am leaving decision on you, who is more good…you or me. Sweety comes there and tells that he heard about him. He says you will stay with me. Siddhant says he will reach the right place where he shall be.

Siddhant asks Anushka not to marry Vedant and says he will not keep you happy. Anushka asks why he thinks like that. Siddhant shows her ring which he brought for her. Anushka smiles.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode.this is my favourite show.❤❤❤

  2. Today’s episode was really emotional.

  3. Awesome serial with a difference

  4. Really emotional episode today…
    But starting siddhant was very smart …but day by day he himself facing difficulties by his own mistakes ….
    Anushka is so nice she trust siddhant slot ..

  5. Nice episode. I think precap is someone’s dream.

    1. That’s not possible because riddhi is also standing there. Also their clothes are different when siddhant asks her not to marry vedant and the time when he actually gives her the ring.

  6. Jagruti Joshi

    Lovely storyline however new timings are not favorable unlike before. The series repeated all the week’s series on Saturday afternoons but is no longer happening.

    In Kenya the series is shown at night. Please consider changing to original time ( only Monday & Tuesday afternoon it plays at 5.30pm our local time ) from Wednesday onwards it doesn’t show until the night timing.

    All the Characters play their roles very well and Siddhant is absolutely adorable. Gorgeous lad!

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