Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Takes Pharmaceutical Deal To Protect Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant thinks he knows about the risk, but is ready. He tells Sudhanshu that he is ready to do anything. Sudhanshu says it is not good to be more ambitious. Siddhant says I know what I am doing? Sudhanshu says if you are so confident then I will fix your meeting. Anushka hears them and gets tensed. She thinks if she shall tell Gayatri and thinks of prabhakar’s words. She thinks I have promised Prabhakar uncle and can’t forget the promise. This is the difference between is. She comes to KK and sits on sofa. KK asks why are you silent? Anushka says you don’t have time to talk to your daughter.

KK comes to her and asks what happened? Why you are doing drama? She says you got happy when I returned from America. KK says I feel proud when you came here and passed with flying colors.

She says then you made me head of HR dept. KK asks her to come to point. She asks him to decide what she deserves. She says you gave Reddy trust to Srikant, Airlines to Karthik and asks him to do something for her. She says she needs an active role. KK asks her to ask what she wants. Anushka asks what is important for you now. KK says pharmaceutical deal. Anushka says if you trust me then I need this deal. KK calls Sudhanshu and asks him to involve Anushka to pharmaceutical deal. He says she is getting ambitious and asks him to take care and listen to her. Sudhanshu says she is my daughter also. KK asks her not to tell again and says I trust you more than you do on yourself. Anushka thanks him and says I trust you more than anybody else.

Siddhant gets the circular and comes to know that Anushka will be general manager of the pharmaceutical deal. Sweety tells Siddhant that Rao ji went to the NGO to give charity. Siddhant asks him to keep eye on Rao and tells that he is going to Russia for 2-3 days to deal with the broker. He thinks he will see until when Anushka comes inbetween KK and him and tells Sweety that Pharmaceutical deal is important to make KK lose.

Riddhi asks Anushka why did she get Pharmaceutical deal. Anushka tells Riddhi that once Prabhakar caught her smoking and asks her not to talk to him if she smoke again. She says he left decision on me and since then I never smoke. She says she wants Siddhant to find the difference between wrong and right.

Gayatri finds the door locked and asks Purva. Purva says Bhai has locked the door. Siddhant comes and says he didn’t lock the door. He tells that he is going to Russia for 2 days. Gayatri says ok. Purva says she will give him list for shopping.

Siddhant comes to office. Receptionist tells him that Anushka is waiting for him. He comes to the cabin and meets Sudhanshu and Anushka. Anushka asks him to tell about the pharmaceutical deal. Siddhant tells her. Anushka says I know kickbacks and bribe is involved in such deals, but our employee shall not go for the deal. Sudhanshu agrees. Siddhant disagrees and says I will talk to KK.

KK asks Vedant if he likes Anushka. Vedant says yes. Just then siddhant comes and tells him that Anushka refused to let him go to Russia. KK asks him not to go then. Siddhant asks don’t you trust me? Kk says I trust you 200 percent but Anushka is my daughter, I can’t refuse her.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Siddhant asks Gayatri if Neeta was an actress before. Gayatri says yes and says she had watched her film also. Siddhant asks Sweety ji to find out about neeta.

Update Credit to: MA

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