Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Gets Arrested For Hira’s Murder

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka gets tensed after waiter tells her that he doesn’t know what Siddhant do in Hira’s room. Vedant asks her to leave the matter and tells that Siddhant is young and not in any relation. She questions him if he do such things. Vedant says I am not Siddhant and I have to maintain my image. Siddhant comes home, tears the papers which he recovered from Hira and burns it. He thinks if KK got Hira murdered because of me. Anushka is sitting in room. Riddhi comes and asks what happened? Anushka says she don’t want to talk to anyone and says she don’t trust anyone now. Riddhi asks who has broken your trust. Did Vedant tell anything. Anushka says no. She tells that Siddhant went to meet Hira and spend much time in her room. Riddhi asks her to take Siddhant out from her mind and reminds

that she is engaged now. Anushka says yes, but don’t know what is going on in his mind.

Purva comes to meet Karthik in the office. Peon informs her that he went to Singapore. Purva asks if Anushka is in the office. Anushka thinks if Siddhant and Hira have an affair. Purva comes to Anushka and congrats her for her engagement. She asks if she is happy. Anushka says yes. She tells her indirectly that she will find happiness in Vedant. Purva understands that she is unhappy and asks if Siddhant is the reason for her unhappiness. Anushka looks on. Sweety tells Siddhant that KK called him. Anushka gets upset with purva. Purva tells Siddhant that she questioned her. Siddhant asks her not to make her upset, but bring smile on her face. Sweety tells that Siddhant is tensed since morning.

KK is with SHARK’s other members. They talk about Hira’s murder. Siddhant comes there. KK tells him about Hira’s murder. Rao ji says someone shot her. Siddhant says I know, I was there then. He wakes up from his sleep. Purva knocks on the door and says police came. Gayatri argues with Inspector. Inspector tells that Siddhant has murdered Hira Saniyal. Siddhant comes there and I am here. Inspector says whatever statement you give, will be used in the court. Siddhant says I am lawyer and knows. He asks Gayatri not to worry and asks Purva to take her inside. Purva and Gayatri cry. Purva calls Anushka and tells that Police arrested Siddhant for murdering Hira Saniyal. Anushka says I will do something.

Sweety comes to the Police station and asks Siddhant what is this new panga. Sweety says I am his lawyer. Siddhant says I can talk to my lawyer. Sweety asks him to tell everything. Siddhant asks him not to be senti and asks about his bail. Sweety says court was closed so he went to magistrate house, but he didn’t agree to sign on the bail papers. Siddhant tells that magistrate will agree with KK. Rao ji tells KK that Magistrate’s mum is unwell and he said that he will sign in the morning. KK tells that he has promised Siddhant and asks him to bribe Magistrate and get Siddhant out on bail.

Anushka asks Siddhant if he had an affair with Hira. Siddhant is released on bail. He is about to have food at his house, when Gayatri stops him and slaps him.

Update Credit to: MA

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