Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Gets Worried For Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK imagines Prabhakar asking him why is he scared and tells that sin’s spots are left behind. KK says I am not scared as I know you are my illusion. Prabhakar says yes and tells that you have murdered your friend. KK says I told you not to investigate airlines crash investigation, but you didn’t stop so I have to kill you to save myself. Prabhakar says so you backstabbed me and asks are you happy. KK says I searched my happiness or snatch it. Prabhakar asks are you happy or not? Or scared that justice will happen. Kk says who will do justice, nobody can reach you. Prabhakar says I still regard you as my friend and asks will you not hug me. KK falls on ground shocked. Rao ji asks what happened? KK says I didn’t have a good sleep and tells that nobody can harm him. Siddhant gets a receipt

of a coal mine and thinks when did KK buy this. He steals that receipt. Hira comes and asks him not to worry until she gets proofs against him.

IT dept officers come and check in the reddy corp office. They tell KK that they didn’t get anything, but ask him to come to talk to them in their head office. KK says he is very busy and can’t go. They tell that they want someone from his office to tell about pharmaceutical deal. Siddhant thinks Vedant is very conscious about his image and tells that he will come with them. Anushka comes and asks why they are taking him. She says she will talk to KK. Siddhant asks her not to worry and requests her not to tell Gayatri about it. Sudhanshu comes to know about his failed plan because of Siddhant and tells someone on call to get him rotten in jail. Anushka comes to KK and asks why Siddhant is taken by the ED. KK says they came to take me, but Siddhant offered to go with them as he don’t want your engagement to halt and also as Vedant worries for his image. He tells that he will take him out soon. Gayatri gets worried for Siddhant and calls Anushka. Anushka tells him that she knows where is Siddhant and tells that ED team took him for enquiry. Gayatri panics. Purva tries to pacify her. Anushka gets worried for her.

She goes there and tells Gayatri that whatever Siddhant did was for KK. Siddhant comes there and makes an excuse, tells that he was with Sweety ji last night as his wife got unwell. Gayatri asks how is Sweety’s wife now. Siddhant says much better. Anushka leaves. Gayatri asks what happened to you. She asks why are you lying to me. Siddhant says I don’t want to trouble you. He tells that nothing happened to him, it was a small enquiry. Gayatri says I can bear big trauma, but not small lie. She reminds him that he is Prabhakar Sinha’s son and tells that he never did anything wrong in his life ever, and says if you do anything wrong in your life then I will never forgive you. Siddhant says I will never do anything which will lower your head. Gayatri asks him to sit and says she will serve him breakfast.

Anushka says sorry. Purva says you should be proud that you told truth. She asks did you come here when we were in Allahabad. Anushka says no. Purva gives her brooch. Anushka sits in her car and steps down. She tells Purva that she came here that night. Purva comes to Siddhant and confronts him. She says Anushka told me whatever happened here that day. Siddhant thinks if she remembered everything. He tells that she was drunk and that’s why he brought her here. Purva asks where did she sleep? Siddhant says in your room. Purva says I got her brooch in your room. Siddhant looks on.

Hira tells Siddhant that she is waiting for him as she got proofs regarding how he met Goel and how he trapped Sudhanshu. Siddhant asks Anushka to concentrate on her engagement with Vedant and not to interfere in his life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today it is clear that kk murdered prabhakar ….ho ..dis hira got to know about siddhant ..she is very dangerous …like kk poor siddhant …

  2. KK ..for one deal he killed so many innocent people ..he has to be punched … Goel is better than KK.. he just gives money to hira to deceive KK he dint kill anyone ..

  3. Fenil

    Siddhant is ullu ka pattha kya zaroorat thi samne se age aane ki jab KK mana kar raha tha…he is going wrong …apne apko 1.5 shana samjhta hain …stupid fellow !!

  4. Fenil

    So good to see you Prabhakar Sinha today !!

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