Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Keeps Anushka Far For Her Happiness

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant thinks trust is the thing which makes a person blind and unquestionable. He says you have always trusted KK who betrayed you. He says KK’s sin pot is full, I will step ahead and ruin him. Siddhant sees the bell which Anushka returned and thinks of her. He looks for her and goes out. He slips and the bell fall down from his hands. Anushka comes there and picks it up. She reminds him of his words and says she will return all his stuff and will not keep any of his memory. He comes to meet Goel and tells that Sudhanshu sent me and told that he can give you money, but you have to wait for some days. He says he don’t want you to contact him as you know what KK can do if he comes to know about it. Goel says I know. Siddhant asks him to wait for some days and says Sudhanshu sir will

release his funds once pharmaceutical deal is over. Goel says I heard good news after many days and says this calls for celebration. Siddhant thinks Goel will be silent for few days and then I will do his planning.

Sweety ji hears Rao telling Servant about his fast and asks him to give milk. Sweety says so snake drinks milk. Neeta asks him about the case. Sweety says it is good. Anushka asks Sweety why did he come again? Sweety says for Neeta’s film case. She asks about Anushka. Sweety ji says he is in office. Gayatri makes bundi ka raita. Siddhant says I dislike it. Gayatri says I have made it for someone else and says I will get ready. He starts walking, then comes back and takes the stick.

Anushka comes there and sees Siddhant. She thinks Sweety ji can’t be trusted. Gayatri says I called her and asks him to move. She says I made bundi ka raita for you. Anushka says I am hungry since morning and sits to have it. Gayatri tells her that Siddhant is having problem to walk on the stairs. Anushka says he shall shift to downstairs room. She asks about Purva. Gayatri says she went and asks why you are not coming here? Anushka says it is not like that. Gayatri says it is very difficult to fight with loneliness. Anushka says it is good that you called me. He sees the bell and rings it. Anushka hears the sound and smiles. He keeps it in the drawer.

Rao ji takes keys from driver and says today I will only go. Sweety ji thinks something is wrong. Gayatri tells that we miss him often. Anushka says even I miss him, whenever I had any confusion, he used to show me way. Gayatri asks did something happened and asks her to share with her. Just then Siddhant comes there. Anushka says it is nothing. Sweety calls Siddhant and tells him that he is going after Rao. He tells him that Anushka was asking about you and was happy. Siddhant says she shall be happy always. Sweety says father is a snake who is sitting on his kundali. Siddhant looks at her as she smiles and he goes.

Sweety sees Rao going to Charitable Organization and thinks where did he go? He takes the snip of the charity organization name. Siddhant comes to his cabin and sees Sudhanshu. Sudhanshu says your father is still in this cabin. He tells that there is a problem in the pharmaceutical deal and tells that Mr. Vohra is asking for more money which they can’t pay. Siddhant asks what is wrong. Sudhanshu says no big man is caught for any scam as they present the deal with a broken. He says if you become face of the deal then you will be arrested if something gets wrong. Anushka hears him and thinks she shall tell Gayatri that Siddhnat is ready to go to jail for a deal.

Anushka asks KK to give pharmaceutical deal to her if he trusts her.

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