Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Decides To Break SHARK

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweety ji tells Siddhant that he will clean the dirt around the bandage and keeps his leg in warm water. Siddhant says you love me so much. Sweety ji says you are my jaan e jigar and says whatever I am today is because of you and nothing will happen to me until you are with me. Siddhant gets an idea and says your love gave me a big idea and says KK’s real strength is SHARK and says until they are altogether we can’t do anything. Sweety ji asks how will we break SHARK? Vedant comes and says bye Siddhant. Siddhant asks Sweety ji to be careful. Sweety ji says sorry and says big man gets caught because of small man. Siddhant appreciates him and says you are giving me ideas today. He tells that they have to break KK through Rao as he knows many secrets.

Anushka sees Sweety ji and

asks where is he going with bucket? Sweety ji says he has washed Siddhant’s foot after Doctor took out plaster from his leg. Anushka says you have washed his feet and tells that God stopped making such friends. Sweety ji says God has done injustice with you. Anushka asks what? Sweety ji thinks KK will shoot him and tells I am in trauma since I saw you eating raw veggies. Siddhant comes and asks Sweety to go and keep the bucket. Anushka asks him to take rest for few days and tells him that they have just professional relation now. She says she is just giving him advice. She thinks you don’t know what I felt when I heard about your accident. She thinks she tried to be tough, but this heart can’t change with someone’s betrayal. Siddhant thinks he knows what she is going through and tells that he don’t want her to get upset.

Goel comes to take loan from Sudhanshu’s bank. Sudhanshu says you have not repaid first loan. Goel says if you give me loan then I will repay the first loan amount. He offers him 50 percent partnership. Sudhanshu asks his assistants to go and asks him not to take personal things in the office. Siddhant comes to meet Sudhanshu and hears assistants talking about Goel’s offer. He asks receptionist about the way to washroom. Goel comes out of Sudhanshu’s cabin and asks him to think about his offer and says KK will never give you 50 percent percentage deal. Sudhanshu says he needs time to decide. Siddhant comes to Sudhansh’s cabin. Sudhanshu tells him about the business strategy and says nobody gets anything for free. Siddhant thinks I have understood this.

Anushka cries looking at Siddhant’s pic in her mobile. Riddhi comes and says if this happens then you will not forget Siddhant. She asks did you meet Vedant? Anushka says yes. She says she couldn’t forget him. Riddhi says we all are with you and asks her to be happy. Anushka says I am trying.

Siddhant writes Sudhanshu, Heera, Ashok, Rajeev and Krishnakant’s name on the board and marks Shark from their initials. He makes mountain on the board and tells Sweety how to make tunnel. He says we have to find out how to dig KK’s past and asks him to concentrate on Rao. Sweety ji says then I have to go home. Siddhant says I will focus on SHARK and tells that a Mohra Goel is helping us. Sweety ji says he is a dead mohra. Siddhant says even dead elephant is valuable and tells that he will also backstab KK like he backstabbed Prabhakar.

Purva asks Siddhant when Karthik and Nupur are coming back from their honeymoon. Siddhant says why do you want to know? Purva says just..Gayatri comes and asks about his board of director meeting. Siddhant says I am inducted to the board. Gayatri says we shall celebrate and says she will make kheer. Siddhant touches her feet and takes her blessings. He thinks don’t know what she will feel when she comes to know about the truth?

Siddhant tells KK that Goel has offered him a job and throwing a lots of money. KK says Goel is not having anything, he is bluffing.. Siddhant says I have accepted his offer. KK is shocked.

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