Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Decides To Stay Back

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK asks Sudhanshu about the meeting. Sudhanshu says Anushka has handled the meeting well. KK says she comes at right time and goes at wrong time. He tells that she is going to America for studying. Sudhanshu tells that studying is good. KK thinks Sudhanshu is not understanding. Siddhant comes there. KK asks him to make Anu understand. Anushka tells KK that Siddhant tried to change her decision and tries to make her understand. She tells that she has decided not to leave the family who loves her for the thing whom she loves. She says she deserves the best and thought she was happy with whatever she gets. KK gets happy and hugs her. Siddhant thinks why she is hindering in his way and once she let him free and once she drags him near her.

KK and Anushka reach home. Anushka makes something

in the kitchen with KK’s help. KK asks her not to worry and says everything will be good. He says let’s come to the point and says you said you will go to America, and then said you will not go, calls her brinjal in the plate. He says I will fix this problem and will get you married. Anushka says you gets emotional. KK says my life resides in you, you are my life. He asks about Vedant. Anushka asks for time to know him. KK asks him to think wisely and says you are KK’s daughter and don’t have any restrictions. He asks if there is any guy in your life. Anushka says no scope, and tells that whenever I marry, I will marry with your choice. KK says I will choose correct choice for you. Anushka says I know and smiles.

Siddhant is in his room and tells that he is inducted to the board of members and can know KK now. He asks Sweety to make fake xray of the fracture. Sweety tells him that KK made 200 people blast in the crash and tells that it must not be his first crime. He says we have to check in his past. Siddhant says you have clean bolt me and says you said right.

KK’s business associates ask him why he didn’t call him for Karthik’s marriage. KK tells that he was stuck between grah and nakshtras and apologize to them. Mahesh comes there. KK welcomes him. Hira asks him to sit. KK asks where is the Minister? Mahesh tells that Minister didn’t come because of last time incident. Mahesh says high command have decided not to work with you and says we have more business houses. Hira blackmails him that she has some video of his party even now.. She says you know well, who was in the party. They all blackmail Mahesh. Mahesh apologizes. KK asks him to go to his party and tell that they will get the money. He says if they win then they shall get telecom deal and his name shall be on Padmashri awards. Srikant says we want it for our circle. Mahesh says ok and leaves. KK tells Siddhant that until those 5 members are with him, nothing can happen to him. He asks him to learn from Sudhanshu. Hira says Prabhakar is gone and Siddhant is here, smart guy. Siddhant leaves.

Siddhant comes out and sits on sofa. Vedant asks him what happened? Anushka comes there. Vedant tells them that they both have fooled him and says I came to know about your friendship. He tells Siddhant that Anushka had told him about his liking for poetry and says even she likes it now. Anushka refuses. Vedant asks Siddhant to tell him something. Siddhant tells poetry. Sweety comes there and says he called the doctor here. He tells Anushka that Siddhant had 6 tablets in nights and was having fever all night. Siddhant comes to his cabin and asks Sweety ji why did he over acts? Sweety ji says no. Siddhant asks him to call doctor. Doctor comes. Siddhant realizes that he is a tailor. Tailor cuts the plaster and goes. Vedant tells poetry to Anushka, while she is lost worrying about Siddhant. Sweety asks him not to walk fast and gives him stick.

Precap: Siddhant tells Sweety that he got an idea to ruin KK and says he will ruin him knowing secrets from Rao. strong>

Update Credit to: MA

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