Yeh Pyaar (Intro)

Hi Guys,
So I have been writing fan fictions on Instagram for a pretty long time (you can follow me there if you want to @bolly_duniya) and I got the idea of putting my fan fiction up here.
So I, Riya present to you ‘Yeh Pyaar’
Not all love stories have a happy ending. Not all love stories are easy. Some are cold from inside and later warm up to join two hearts. Others are love at first sight. But some.. they have twists and turns, difficulty at each level, a new phase at every bend. ‘Yeh Pyaar’ is a love story of two people who start with hatred but end up in love. But love is not as
easy as they imagined it to be….

Intro To My Characters:
Vinnie Verma – She is a beautiful, simple girl who lives with her family. She is 22 years old and is studying design and art in the last year of college. She loves to dance, paint, cook sing and always looks for ways to make life better. She loves animals. She is daddy’s little princess. Brown eyes, Brown hair, wheatish skin, tall and slim.

Aarav Malhotra – He is a charming young boy. He is studying MBA in the last year of college. He has just shifted from Mumbai to Delhi. He is following his father’s footsteps to join his business later. He is 23 years old. He is momma’s boy and a big party animal (popular). He loves to play the guitar, dance, sketch and watch movies.

Kiara Dhawan – She is Vinnie’s best friend since birth. Her mom and Vinnie’s mom were college friends. She is studying event management. She loves to shop, dance and sing. She is what we call a ‘bindaas’ girl and extremely outgoing. She and Vinnie share a relationship of soul sisters!

Sana Peston – She is also Vinnie and Kiara’s best friend. She is shy and an introvert. She and Kiara often have many ‘nok jhoks’ because of the fact that they are opposites. She is studying Animation.

Neel Sharma – He is Aarav’s best friend since kindergarten. He is studying Civil Engineering. He is a college topper and comes from a middle class family. He loves to play video games, read and collect currencies.

Ishaan Nanda – He is also Neel and Aarav’s best friend. He met them in grade 9. He comes from a rich family and is a bit of a show off. He is a big stud and a player. He is studying World History.

Kabir Verma – Vinnie’s elder brother 🙂

Hope you guys like my story. BTW my name is Riya, I am 13 and I love to write 🙂
Comment down below what you thought about my first chp.
Will update everyday

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  1. Nice intro dr

  2. nice interesting

  3. cant believe ur just 13 !!! I must say u really have good writing skills keep it up

  4. Hey grt work riya…
    Interestng characters n waiting 4 next update..
    Eager to read further

  5. Awesome riya…very lovely intro, interesting…plzzzz continue dear n welcome…you’re so talented my sweeeeeet friend…in such a small age your style of writing is very mature n narration mind blowing. ..keep it up sweetie pie…eagerly waiting for the first episode, love you loads

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