Yeh Pyaar (Chapter 1) – The First Meeting

I would like to thank Hayathi, Swara, Abhilasha, Shiya & Roma, for the encouragement and support! I write my chapters from points of view of different characters, so at the beginning of each chapter I will be mentioning whose view its from. BTW (POV) means point of view! Thank you guys soo much! LY!

Chp 1 – The First Meeting (Vinnie’s POV)
My head is throbbing and my eyes are sluggish as I have just woken up. A tired yawn escapes my mouth as sunlight falls right on my face. Even though I’m tired, my body is bursting with bubbled up energy! I look around my room. The window is open and beams of sunlight are falling all across it. My bed is encircled with a silky canopy and fairy lights are still twinkling from when I switched them on yesterday night. Someone knocks on the door.
‘Come in’ I shout over.

The door opens up and my brother Kabir, walks in with his hair ruffled over his face. My brother, Kabir, is the best brother I could ever ask for. He supports me like a friend, treats me like I’m his child, cares for me like my mother and is always there watching my back whenever I’m in trouble.

‘Good morning sleepyhead!’ he says grining.
‘Good morning Kabir Bhai!’ I say smiling. ‘Are you ready for your first day of work?’ I say.
‘Hmm… I am, but I’m nervous.’ He says, his smile quickly fading away.
‘You dont have to be nervous! Just take a deep breath and then out!’ You know the drill right.’ I say.

‘I know’ he says and sits down on my bed. ‘Tell me something Vinnie, sometimes you hate me dont you? Cause I annoy so much?’ he says and grins as he playfully twirls my hair around his finger.
I give out a short laugh and look at him. ‘Well, maybe sometimes I feel that I want to rip your head off and murder you.’ he grins when I complete my sentence. ‘But you know what? You hold a place in my heart that no one else can. There have been so many good times and so many fights because in a way we are too much alike but regardless all of that, I have to admit that I love you. Later in life I might end up somewhere else but neither distance or time can dull the bond between us. Kabir… we are siblings because of blood but the bond is because of love!’ I say and smile. He gives out a deep breath and gives me a quick hug.

‘Thanks for that Sis, I needed it. I need to go now, I’m already 10 minutes late. Breakfast is ready downstairs. Mum and Dad are waiting for you.’ he says as he rushes out.’
I put on my slippers and head downstairs. A melodious song is playing from the kitchen.
‘Good morning ma and papa!’ I say as I see them both sitting on the dining table. My mom is cutting fruits in a plate and my dad is reading the newspaper. He keeps the paper down and glances up at me, giving me knowing smile.
‘Good morning’ they both say in unison. My mom gives me a quick peck on my forehead and my dad pats my shoulder.

‘Quickly, eat your breakfast and get ready. Kiara and Sana will be arriving any minute now.’ says my mom.
‘And dress properly, you dont want to look like a witch on the first day of college do you?’ says my dad, smirking.
‘Dad!’ I say, changing my tone in exaggeration. My dad gives out a laugh, looking at my face.
‘Why are you teasing her, dear?’ she says to my dad. ‘Go upstairs and get ready Vinnie.’ she says chiding me.
20 minutes later.

The car horns loudly outside my house as I rush downstairs, whipping my backpack around my self, giving my parents a quick smile as I exit the door. A beautiful white, Mercedes car stands outside with my two best friends inside it.
‘Hi Vinnie’ they both say together as I get into the backseat.
‘Hi guys. Your new car is amazing Kiara. Now we can finally get around now that you have a driving license.’ I say
Kiara grins at me. ‘Advantages of being graduate!’ she says and she drives us around.
At college and I grab all of our schedules. Kiara and Sana said they would be waiting for me in the canteen. I look at our schedules. Most of our classes are together so I smile. Suddenly I feel an elbow twist by me as all my belongings scatter on the floor and I trip over my bag.
‘Holy crap!’ says a loud male voice. I realize I banged into him and we both are on the ground.
‘I’m so sorry!’ I say as I quickly get up. He turns his face around and look at me. His hair is brown and shiny. Its shagged up all around his head. His eyes are bright. I had to say he was handsome.
‘What the hell? Cant you see where you are going miss?’ he says standing up and picking up his belongings.

‘I said I’m sorry.’
He murmurs something but I dont hear it. And then he just walks past me without even helping me pick up my belongings.
‘Excuse me? Even you weren’t seeing where you were going, the least you can do is help me pick up my stuff?’ I say, irritably.
He turns around and looks at me. He grins and says, ‘God helps those, who helps themselves.’
I roll my eyes and before I can say something, he disappears like a lost child in the crowd….

Precap: Vinnie is walking with Sana and Kiara, when she bumps into the guy again.

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