Yeh Parivaar Kya Kehlata Hai (Episode 2)

Yeh Parivaar Kya Kehlata Hai CHAPTER TWO

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RECAP: Akshara, Naitik, Luv and Kush laugh and pray to Tulsi. Naira is coming home from Ananya and Kartik crashes into her so her coconut drink falls and her clothes get messy. Amidst the funny argument, their phones get switched around.

It’s amazing when strangers become friends but it’s so sad, when friends become strangers.

Kartik continues jogging and becomes very hot. He stops and buys a coconut drink and then remembers his collision with Naira earlier on, He thinks back and is mesmerized by her beauty.

Kartik: Hum firse kab milenge….
Just then his phone vibrates. He takes out his phone from the pocket and sees that someone called “Bhaiya” has called. He is confused as he doesn’t have any brothers. The phone call goes and he sees that the background of the lock screen is a selfie of Naira. He looks at the picture lovingly. The phone is locked.
He becomes happy that he got to see her again but shortly becomes confused about what he will do now as he is now aware that their phones have accidentally been swapped around.

Naira has just returned home. She enters and then looks at the phone and is really angry because she then realises that their phones had been swapped around.
Naira: Ab mai kya karungi!?!?!?
She suddenly gets an idea. She calls her own mobile number because Kartik’s phone is unlocked. Kartik is now at home and he is thinking about what he should do. Suddenly the phone rings. Kartik looks and thinks about whether or not to pick it up, as he doesn’t know who it is. Gayu, Kartiks sister is keeping an eye on him and picks up the phone for him. She keeps it on speaker mode. Before Gayu can speak, Naira yells;
“Coconut guy! You took my phone!!! Meet me at coconut stand right now!!!”
Gayu and Mishti (Kartik’s other sister) start laughing and then Naira realises that it is not Kartik who picked up.
Naira: “Sorry, I made a mistake can you please pass it to the coconut guy”
Gayu passes the phone to Kartik and Kartik immediately says “Hello” and apologises. Naira also apologises and they both agree to meet at the coconut stand as soon as possible. Kartik hands up and gets ready to go. He fixes his hair. Gayu laughs and helps him fix his hair.

Gayu: Good luck!
Kartik is about to go and Mishti stops him right there.
Mishti: Humko tumari gf ko milne lejovonge plssss
Gayu laughs and makes Mishti compose herself as she really wants to go. She hand signals to Mishti secretly that they will go later.
Kartik shouts at Mishti and tells her that relationships don’t happen like this and she is not a gf, but in fact a stranger. Kartik leaves.
There is a blurred screen and a figure of someone talking on the phone. He says
“sub intazam ho gaya hai naira ki liye. Mujko pata hai ki she will like it”. We see the mouth of someone moving but it is still unclear who is on the screen. “thank you, bye” he says….

Gayu and Mishti have managed to secretively follow Kartik on the journey to the coconut stand, which is near a park. We see funny shots of them hiding behind bins or trees. Kartik reaches the coconut stand and waits. He looks at his watch. Some time passes. Gayu and Mishti are still hiding to work out what is going on. Kartik looks on.

PRECAP: Gayu and Mishti keep on pushing and shoving to get a closer look of Naira. Suddenly the bin falls and Gayu covers Mishti’s mouth – there is a cut to Naira and Kartik who turn around to see what happened… What will happen next?

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