Yeh Parivaar Kya Kehlata Hai (Episode 1)

YPKKH Episode 1

Akshara and Naitik have been blessed with health and wealth. They are the proud parents of Naksh, Naira, Luv and Kush, and live happily with their joint family.
Episode starts with Akshara giving water to the Tulsi in their courtyard. After praying, she turns. Naitik comes and hugs her from behind. Akshara is shy and says what are you doing?? someone is going to come. She blushes. Naitik says “I dont care who comes, i am doing nothing wrong, i am loving my life.” Akshara escapes from his clutches and runs to the side. she is smiling

Akshara: I love you.

suddenly Naitik has hidden and Luv and Kush are there.

Luv and Kush start laughing and say “mummma hamko patta hein kei tum hum ko bohoootttt pyaar karte ho”

Akshara turns and starts laughing

Naitik comes out from his hiding space and laughs with Luv, Kush and Akshara.

Naitik, Luv and Kush go to the Tulsi and Naitik tells them to pray. They pray.

Flip side

Naira is on her way back from Maheshwaris house after meeting Ananya. She feels thirsty so buys coconut drink. as she is drinking, Kartik is on a jog and accidentally crashes into Naira. The coconut drink spills on her clothes and Nairas phone falls on the ground. Kartik stops and stares at Nairas beauty. Meanwhile, Naira is really angry…

Naira: tum dekh nai sakhteho!?! dekho tumne kya kiya!
Kartik: *laughs*
Naira: tum hus kyu rei ho. then she asks – if i did the same to you would you laugh!?!

Kartik picks up the fallen coconut from the coconut drink and gives it to Naira!

Kartik: Sorry!! Yeh loh madam!

Naira: What do I do with this!!!

She moves the coconut away with force and suddenly Kartiks phone falls on the ground. Naira laughs
She copies Kartik
Naira: SORRY!

She picks up the phone and walks away while Kartik picks up his own and continues jogging. He checks his phone and realises that the phone is not his.

PRECAP: Kartik tries to jog towards coconut stand and carries on to try and find Naira to return her phone. Meanwhile Naira has returned home and takes the phone out of her pocket, realises that she has Kartiks phone

I am sorry for mix of hindi english, I can’t type in hindi 🙁

Please tell me how this ff was and if I should continue and any feedback too

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  1. Hey awesome yar plzz continue and plzz update fast

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Thank you so much for the support, more is to come and many twists too!

  2. Vrushy

    Nicely written.
    Can’t wait for next !!

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Vrushy you are my inspiration, it is an honour for you to visit my ff, pls keep supporting and thanks so much!

  3. Fenil

    Good lines….pls continue nd longer pls

    1. HumrutiDevi

      I will make it longer, and thanks !! 🙂

  4. Vinni05

    Nyc one waiting for next part

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Thanks vinni, more to come soon 🙂

  5. Tvfan1

    Awesome! Keep writing

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Tysm!!! I will definitely

  6. Aadi

    Nice one dear .

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Thanks Aadi :))

  7. Really good! Loved it + I like the characters pls make gayu in it too

    1. HumrutiDevi

      I will thanks Prem, Gayu will come soon 🙂

  8. Wowo this seems a diff plot altogether
    waiting to see further. .write in whichever language u can dear. ..

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Ty so much for your feedback, I will post episode two soon
      I can confidently write in english but some lines sound better in hindi if you know what I mean 😀

  9. Rosa18

    wow..totally unique keep up with ur passion of writing dii

    1. HumrutiDevi

      Thanks Rosa, I will try my best to keep it that way 🙂

  10. HumrutiDevi

    Hi guys, thank you all for your support! I really appreciate it – as you like my ff i was thinking of posting one on saturday and one on sunday

    DO you all think this is a good enough time frame??

    Once again, thanks all so much 🙂

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