Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Savitari says it out oud that bride is ready. She asks Uma whether the Pandith has arrived or not and who is helping the groom in getting ready. Aru walks down the stairs in her pink and blue dress, everyone compliments her beauty. Savitari tells her that she looks like a bride. Aru gets furious that why does she links everything with marriage.
Kalash and Mishri were helping Mukhi in getting ready. Mukhi was irritated by them and tried to run when Savitari scolds him to sit down, she tells him that his bride is getting ready next door he must behave.
Dharmi was thinking to herself about Anshu and Rami ben. She says to herself that he got his money and she will be happy being Mukhi’s wife when Aru rushes towards her to apply makeup.
Mukhi was ready for his big day.

tells Dharmi that she is very happy about Mukhi and her. They were made for eachother. Dharmi reaches to hug her and thinks to herself about the situation with Anshu. Rami Ben enters the room; Aru leaves the room saying she is all herss. Rami ben calls Sharabi. she comes inside the room holding a brief case containing dozens of Jewellery boxes. Rami ben says to Dharmi that she has been collecting these all for Mukhi’s wife. Rami ben apologises for yesterday’s incident, then she tells Dharmi about who she was taken away from his love twenty-one years ago whom she still cannot forget. She said she called Anshu just for Dharmi.
Kalash and Mishri were taking Mukhi towards the Mandap when Aru asks them to take Mukhi to the Mandap herself.
Rami ben says to Dharmi that she left her love under pressure. She says that they both are same.
Aru teases Mukhi on his way to Mandap. Aru says she was just confirming if it was him or not.
Dhamri tells Rami ben that she is not doing this marriage under pressure and that she chose Mukhi herself. Rami ben questions her for the age difference them but Dharmi requests her not to force her more. Dharmi tells her she and Anshu need money to be together then Rami ben tells her to take all the jewellery with her and leave with Anshu. Rami ben says that she has talked to Anshu, he will pick her up in anytime, she must get ready to leave.
Pandith asks for the bride. Aru leaves to get her.
Rami ben was in the store room when someone comes inside and she hides from him. He locks the door on his way out.
Aru was taking Dharmi to the mandap when she says that she has forgot her earing, she must have it.
Rami ben calls Dahrmi, she opens the door. Rami tells her to change and afterwards she leaves hugging Rami ben.

Precap: Sharabi finds Dharmi’s wedding dress from the store room. Eeryone was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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