Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru comes to Dharmi saying that she cannot believe that she will be calling the sad mukhi her Jeeja (brother in law) when Dharmi asks Aru if Anshu ever loved her. Aru replies her with a no. She tells her that love means to be there for someone in all problems, but if not then it can’t be called love. Aru tells Dharmi that she knows that Mukhi will never leave her.
As Dharmi and Aru reaches the temple Rami welcomes them saying that she is relieved by their presence. She says that she was worried after all the terrible things that have been happening. Aru calms her saying that know they are here, so she does not need to worry anymore. Rami asks Mishri to bring Mukhi as she will apply haldi to her sister in-law. They take Dharmi near the water where Mukhi comes too. Rami tells Mukhi

that she never thought that his brother would ever get married, she expressed happiness for him. Aru reaches Mukhi to whom Mishri was applying haldi and asks her to cover Mukhi’s entire body to hide his blushing red face. Everyone laughed. Rami asks Dharmi for an apology saying that her ex-husband has been calling her for few days saying that he wants to meet Dharmi. Dharmi after hearing that gets worried while Rami reaches to get more Haldi and purposely drops the entire bowl over her. Then she takes her inside to clean it
Rami ben gives Dharmi her phone telling her to talk to Anshu and tell him about everything that is going on with her.
Aru wonders why Dhamri and Rami Ben have not come yet. She went to look for them.
Rami after dialling Anshu’s number leaves the room hiding behind the door. Dharmi tells Anshu over the phone to never call Rami again where he tells her that she was the one to reach her first. Rami hears that and come inside the room again. Dharmi asks her what is she up to.
Aru was about to reach Rami and Dharmi when her mother calls her to help and she couldn’t say no.
Dharmi requests Rami not to call Anshu anymore as she is no longer a part of his. Dharmi storms out of the room leaving Rami in anger.
Mukhi was done with his haldi and was about to leave when Aru and Mukhi run into each other and fells. Both gets furious and starts taunting each other. Aru’s mother and Mishri stops them.
Aru sees Dharmi with tears in her eyes in the hall way and asks her what happened. Rami says that bride usually cry before their weddings. Dharmi says that she has no reason to cry, she is getting married to a very nice guy. Rami thinks to herself to find another way to separate them.
Aru and Dharmi run into Mukhi who was fully covered in haldi and. Dharmi tells Mukhi that he can say no to Aru’s stupid wishes. Aru stops her saying that how would he be able to say no to his last event which is to get married. Mukhi tells Aru that what her sister is trying to say is to never do something forcefully. Nobody should be forced to do something they don’t want to.
In the morning, Mishri and Aru where praying for Mukhi’s and Dharmi’s happy life. Mishri asks if everything would go right today. Aru says yes with full confidence.
Rami calls Anshu who stops her from calling him because Dharmi and Anshu have no future together anymore but Rami says that there is one other way and tells him over the phone.

PRECAP: Rami asks Dharmi to leave taking all the gold jewelry with her to Anshu. Rami was locked in a room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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