Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

On the way, Aru was unable to keep pace with Mukhi. Aru asks him to hire a cab but he insists on going with bus. Aru calls him a miser and shows him she already booked the tickets for bus by phone. Aru says she makes proposal on phone as well, by exchanging photos only on phones. She teases if Mukhi wants a love affair on phone as well. They watch the bus race during their argument. Aru says Mukhi won’t be able to catch this bus by chasing it, and turns to find Mukhi had already run towards the bus. She tries to follow the bus but was slips by rocks in the middle of the road. Mukhi stops the bus and gets back to her, he taunts she herself was unable to get the bus then notices her injured arm. In the bus, Mukhi hangs his handkerchief to Aru and insists on her to bandage her arm. He ties it

by himself. Aru gets a call from mummy, then Gautam’s and indulge in talk of her work. Mukhi turns to leave when the bus stops, she asks where he is going. Mukhi says he is running away from her. The passengers ask the driver to hurry and drive away. Aru was curt and tells the other passengers that the uncle has some joint pain, then calls him from under a tree. He hands her some herbs and tells her to eat these, it will get her rid of her pain. She denies feeding on leaves, then takes the leaves. Mukhi smiles. Aru fell asleep in the way and places her head over his shoulder.

He was irritated and they had reached the last stop. Aru wakes up in astonishment, the conductor tells Aru he already told Mukhi ji that Bhera stop had arrived. Mukhi explains to Aru that after eating neem leaves one feels sleepy. He didn’t consider it right to wake her up. Aru gets a call from the family they were coming to meet who had left. Aru was angry at Mukhi for getting her much loss. The conductor tells them there is no upcoming bus, and the last has already left. Mukhi says they will go by foot now and gets off the bus.

Aru watches him for a while, then picks some neem leaves and stuff them into his mouth. She soon realizes she had only been day dreaming and take on with Mukhi’s pace.

At night, Aru returns to find the luggage packed. Kaki comes to inform Aru she told her parents to leave for a few days. Aru comes behind her, Kaki says Aru didn’t increase her rent. She wanted to teach her family a lesson to help her. Aru was tensed and returns saying they need to empty the house by tomorrow morning. They hear the guests had arrived already, a night earlier. Aru and family was tensed. Mummy tells the guests to stay here, they have already been leaving. One of the girls ask where they would go, Papa assures her not to worry.

Aru leaves with her family. Dharmi says this will put guests at doubt, she should stay here for Kaki’s help. Mummy considers this right. Aru was concerned where to go. Papa calls a friend who tells him he isn’t home. Mummy sat tensed. Aru tries to cheer them up and asks to go and eat something. On the café, Aru makes call for hotel rooms but no check-in was possible. She watches Mummy Papa sat tensed. Papa suggests to make them have world’s best chichdi. They agree.

PRECAP: Mishri tells Mukhi he didn’t cooperate else that girl must be her sister in law. Mukhi wasn’t ready to accept Aru competent. Aru was shocked to see they had reached Dharamshala.

Update Credit to: Sona

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