Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru was angry at Mukhi, Aru Tells him that even she is not a part of this Family but he is Aru was about to say something when Mukhi shuts her up saying that it’s her fault that Mishri got to know that she is adopted. Aru tells Mukhi that she was desperate to have his apology, she went to the orphanage just so his brother could forgive her. Mukhi tells Aru that Mishri wanted an apology of the mistake Aru is apart off. Mukhi leaves saying that.
At night Deep was trying to convince Mishri to open the door. He tells her that he has no problem by Mishri being an adopted child. Savitari and Uma were talking to each other saying that Mishri’s must cool down by the time Deep’s parent come back. Mastana came telling Savitari and Uma that Mishri left from the back door. Deep runs to find

her. Savitari stops Uma from going after them as they have lied to her for so long.
Mishri was sitting beside the pool when Deep comes to her. Mishri tells Deep that Mukhi has never loved her, he has only been favouring her because she was adopted. Deep tells her that he loves her from his heart. Mishri wrongs her telling Deep to tell is parent’s the truth about her. She will leave soon to find her parents. Aru sees Mishri and comes to her asking to talk to her. Deep leaves. Aru grabs Mishri’s hand. Aru tells her that she is wasting her energy and time over some people who might be dad, who didn’t card for her and left her. Aru asks her that the truth can be sore. Aru tells her that Mukhi hide the truth from her because it could be bad that anyone could imagine. Aru tries to make Mishr understand that relations made from heart are much more deep than those made of blood, but all she cares id that Mukhi lied. Aru tells her not to break such relation. Aru tells Mukhi that Mukhi hasn’t eaten anything, at which Mishri gets tense. Aru asks her to apologize from Mukhi telling him that she is still his sister. Aru leaves, Rami ben was standing in the balcony mad at Aru.
Mishri as in her room thinking about what Aru said to her while Mukhi was roaming in the terrace wondering about what Mishri said.
In the morning, Aru was praying for everything to get normal when she gets a phone call from Dharmi. She asked her why she was crying, suddenly the signals were disrupted. Mastana tells her to go somewhere else and try.
Mukhi was being told by the people in Panchait about the water problem, they were waiting for his answer but he didn’t answer.
Aru was riding a bicycle trying to find signal. One of the ma on the road was worried if she falls and she did. Mukhi saw that and went to help her. As Mukhi got to her, he asked why is she always trying to find a way to embarrass him. He asked her to leave immediately.
Mukhi when enters the house Mishr asked her to fresh himself she has prepared breakfast for him. Mukhi was shocked. He takes off his pagri, Mishri take hold of it imitating Mukhi, she asks for the wrist watch as well. Mukhi asks Uma if Mishri is alright.
Mukhi cleaned his hands.
Mukhi was about to eat when Aru offers him a bite. Mukhi asks if she has forgiven her. Mishri asks him for what? Mishri tells him that he is his brother and that is the only think she wants to know. Mishri hugs him.
Rami ben was watching it all from upstairs, thinking that Mishri changed her mind just because of what Aru told her last night. Mukhi was eating from Mishri’s hand. Mishri told her that she acan not break their relation because if that happened she will never be able to get it back. Mukhi praises her for thinking sensibly. Mishri tells him that somebody else told her that. Mukhi asked for that person’s name so that he cold kiss her hand. Savitari tells him to go and kiss his wife’s hand. Mishri asked if he would have kheer. Mishri leaves to get it. Savtari asked Mukhi that why isn’t he happy. Mukhi tells her that he scolds Aru. Mukhi told her that he apologizes to her.
Mishri was enjoying music when Rami ben praising her on not finding her real parents and resolving everything with his brother. Mishri will always be thankful to Aru. Rami ben tells her that she is lucky that Mukhi s her brother that’s why she is getting married with a boy such as Deep with such wealth. Rami ben was sure that these words will not go to waste.

PRECAP: Mishri tells Aru and Mukhi that they will do the pooja together. Rami ben was upset that Mukhi and Aru will do the pooja together having a fresh start.

Update Credit to: Sona

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