Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru comes to Mukhi ji with a surprise for him. Rami watches this and wonders till when she will continue insisting on him. Aru says its really important and makes him shut his eyes. Rami thinks Aru turned a mature man into a child.
Aru brings Mukhi to the venue, women had been breaking a site open. Mukhi tells Aru that they must pass the sanitary plan approved by the government. He watches the governmental jeep arrive. Aru was worried. Mukhi ji greets an official, the district officer asks if he started the toilet construction work without the submitted their report. He questions Mukhi ji’s immaturity, Aru asks how much would it take to for the approval. The officer argues with Aru, Mukhi ji tells her not to throw a stone over the filth. He tells Mishra to come to Panchait, he will

serve him tea. The officer orders his men to make photographs as proof of his work without any submission. Mukhi ji takes him aside and speaks to him. The officer agrees and leaves, Mukhi ji tells Aru she must go by himself to city and get the report passed. Aru thinks for a while.
At home, Aru asks Mukhi ji how long they have to leave in. He says he is going alone, they aren’t going for any vacation. Aru poses to get romantic and asks if he would leave his newly wed wife alone, its great weather outside and they never got such chance. Mukhi ji backs up for a while, stares at her while she smiles. She insists on him to take her, she has to do some shopping. He asks what she wants to buy. Aru says its personal. Mukhi ji agrees to take her. He tells Aru to take an umbrella, there might be rain. Aru thinks he is really innocent, a plan would take centuries otherwise.
On the way, Mukhi ji drops Aru in the market and tells her to buy everything. Aru instructs Mukhi ji to get all the work done well, get the papers signed and not trust anyone. Mukhi ji says he knows his work well. The government officer tells Mukhi ji this work can’t be done, he tells Mukhi ji that the file came without a bribe. The officer tells Mukhi ji the office has closed. Mukhi ji was standing with his bike, Aru comes there complaining none of her work was done. Aru snatches Mukhi ji’s file and comes inside, she tells the officer the office remains open till 6 pm. She deters the officer about complaining the officers. The officer also argues with her, he tells her to keep her voice low here. Mukhi ji roars from behind to keep his voice low, he warns the man not to do the work till Monday but if he insults his wife, he would have to suffer. He grabs Aru’s hand and takes her outside. Mukhi ji promises he would get this work done. He says he knows how he has to get the work one. Aru thinks it was useless to come here. Mukhi ji looks at her in the back view mirror. She notices and asks what he is doing. Suddenly it begins to rain. Mukhi ji tells her to open the umbrella, Aru says she didn’t get it.
They have to stop by a hut. Mukhi ji lights a fire and calls Aru towards it. They were dripping in water. Mukhi ji tells her to get undress and give them to her. Aru was curt that he only thinks about one thing. Mukhi ji laughs saying she doesn’t trust his three times promise. He stands up, makes a curtain and tells her to give her clothes from behind it, she must wear them when he has dried them. Aru sneezes behind the curtain. Mukhi ji asks what about all the romantic talks she was doing in the morning. Aru laughs they were only lies to come to city.
Aru takes her shit off and calls Mukhi ji. He forwards his hand to touch her bare arm, then backs up, then finally takes the shirt. She tells Mukhi ji to change the shirt as well, she would look at him. Later, Mukhi ji tells her to take her shirt as its dried already. He asks why she had to come to city? Aru was cold, he tells her to come home where he would treat her. Outside the hurt, Mukhi ji takes blessing from the old man. He blesses their couple.

PRECAP: Aru confronts the district officer, Mukhi ji was determined and says toilets would surely be constructed. He and Aru walks outside the office hand in hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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