Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning Mishri tells Aru that she has brought boil water, she must take its steam. Aru holds Mishri’s hand and thinks about what Rami ben said earlier. Mishri tells Aru that we should avoid getting wet in the first shower. Mishri run to bring the oil Mukhi prefers in such cold.
Uma was beating drum when he Mukhi comes inside. Uma smiles at her dirty clothes. Uma tells her to be care full in such weather as her wife is already sick. Mishri asks Mukhi to go change she will bring the tea when Muhki tells her not to do so, he leaves. Mishri follows him telling him to change the clothes, she will wash them. Mukhi tells her not to do so. Mishri shouts at him that she has been doing his work for years and she will do until she gets married. Mukhi stops her telling her to focus on her

Uh enters the room where Aru was taking steam. Mukhi was founding the keys which were beside Aru’s blanket, as he went to take them Aru grabs his hand thinking that it’s Mishri. Aru says that Mukhi warned her not to get wet but she didn’t listen to her. Mukhi frees his hand, Aru takes off the blanket. Mukhii tells her that even when someone tells you that your figure will burn if you will put it in fire, you will put it in fire to check. Aru tells her that it’s his fault, he must have warned her that she might get sick. Mukhi tells her that it’s an old saying that one should try twice to make a wise person to understand but only once for a fool. The he tells her that he didn’t want her to think that he is acting like her husband when Aru sneeze.
Mishri was crying and talking to Chammo that she has never talked to Mukhi like she did today but still it didn’t affect him. Mshri says that she did everything for him. Deep comes from behind comforting Mishri and saying that we always get mad at someone we love the most. Mishri says that she cannot leave knowing that her brother is mad at her.
Rami ben tells Laal that she was talking to Aru instead of Mishri. Rami ben tells Laal ji that she needs to do something good this time to achieve what she desires. Rami ben tells Laal ji that Mukhi will not be home tomorrow for the entire day, but she doesn’t know where that’s why he needs to be followed.
Aru was sitting in her room making fun of all the rules Mihku has made. Aru throws away all the pllows when she hears Mukhi’s voice. Aru was confused as Aru was told by Mishri take Mukhi went to the Panchait. Mukhi was asking for towel. Aru grabs one and knocks the bathroom’s door. Mukh opens the door, he was shocked to see Aru. Mukhi tells her not to be a wife, why has she brought the towel. Aru leaves with the towel.
Mukhi was riding a bike, children were running after him and then hugs him. Laal ji told Rami ben that he is in an orphanage, there is some kind of event there. Some people where showing him a photo. Laal jee takes a pic of it and send it to Rami ben.
Mishri was praying in Mandar, Rami ben asked her what she wished for. Mishri tells him that she wished for Mukhi to forgive her. Rami ben tells her to think about herself and deep sometimes. Rami ben asks for Aru. Rami ben calls her asking what she was doing the first time they met. Aru tells her that she was giving Milk to the poor children. Rami ben tells her that it was a great thing that she did. Mukhi asks Aru what Mishri should do to make God happy. Aru says that she must go to an orphanage to help children. Rami ben tells them to go there and help them.
Aru and Mishri reaches the orphanage where Mukhi went. Mishri tells the worker there that she has brought food and clothes for children. The worker asks for her name. An old lady was shocked to hear her name, she runs to tells Mukhi that Mishri is here. Au asks a child there for the main door. They went inside. Aru sand Mishri sees Mukhi they, Aru leaves to look for him. Some child told Mishri that they are celebrating birthday of a child who was in this orphanage and the got adopted by a big family. Mishri asks Mukhi why is he here. Mukhi asks for them to leave but Miishri says no to him telling that she is here to give some gifts and that she will do so. Aru takes the cloth off the picture. Aru was shocked to see that it was her.

Precap : Aru asks Mukhi why h he blaming her for everything that happened. Aru tells Mukhi that Mishri prays him and that she has never seen someone so stone cold. Mukhi tells her not to come between a siblings.

Update Credit to: Sona

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