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Mukhi comes to Aru who is angry. Mukhi asks she won’t say anything? Aru keeps turning her face away from him. Mukhi then acts of searching something. Seeing that, she finally speaks up what he’s searching. He says found it.. her voice. She smiles. He says with her voice, he found her smile too. He tells her no matter what not let that smile go away from her face. Aru tells him that he’s so good, understands everyone so well, then doesn’t he think there should be a solution for village’s women problem? So many women’s lives are on risk. Mukhi says he understands, but tradition that has been going for years won’t change. If they are explained in language they understand, then they will understand. He understands with Aru saying if they respect women,

then they have to make toilet in house. First they need to change their thinking. Aru says they can go step by step. First change their thinking. Mukhi says it won’t be easy. She holds his hands and says if he’s with her, then it won’t be difficult either.

Aru goes around village to talk to some ladies about building toilet in the house. All refuse her saying they can’t make toilet where there is temple. Aru says, then have it outside. They say they can’t afford to buy more land. She thinks how to explain to all that it’s just not about snakes and all, it’s about hygiene, health. She sees some boys looking at photos of ladies in early morning and laughing. Aru slaps him and takes him to Mukhi.

She tells Mukhi that she can’t even ask him to look at the photos. Those boys took such photos of village’s women. Mukhi punishes boys’ parents for this. Rami says this has been going since ages, but such incident never happened. It all happened because Aru raised objection and everyone came to know about it. Aru says she raised objection yesterday, but pictures were taken last week. Aru is in support of making toilet for women while Rami is against it. Mukhi says he was unaware of such an important matter and now as he is aware of it, they will make toilets for women. One man says there is no land with panchayat. Mukhi says he will give his own land. Aru is happy.

Later, Rami tells him she won’t let him give the land. It’s not just his, it’s his sisters too. Mukhi says it’s just a small part of the land. Rami says today it’s small part, tomorrow he will give whole land. Rami tries to make her understand, but she doesn’t and demands for division of the land. After that, he can do whatever he wants with his land. Mukhi is shocked and angry. He says he won’t touch his sisters land and asks her not to talk about division again. Aru listens all this.

In night, Mukhi is sad. Aru acts of searching something. He asks what she is finding. She says she found his voice, but his smile is still missing. He smiles, but is still sad. She reads something from a book and he finally smiles. He says sorry to her for not able to do anything for problem that she raised. She says they have started something for it. Some people have changed their view, others will change too. Once thinking is changed, then toilet will be built. They go to sleep. Mukhi looks at Aru and thinks she never gives up and he likes that the most about her.

In morning, panchayat tells Mukhi land that he gave is not there. How they will make toilet now? Just then Hansa comes and gifts a small land to Aru and tells her to use that to make toilet. Mukhi gives his salary from gov’t as his contribution. Other villagers also give whatever they can. Aru and Mukhi are happy.

Precap: Work begins on the land. An official comes and asks to stop the work.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Finally good change is shown. But Rami can’t see goodness…

  2. Aru wants improvements in the village regarding sanitary but Rami has a selfish motive by refusing with excuses. How sad Ramiben has primitive thoughts.

  3. good going now.

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