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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji gets upset and says Aru knows already that he loves her. She was moved at his confession and turns to look at his face. He says he is ashamed for whatever happened last night and apologizes and can even kneel in front of her, she must not leave him. Aru laughs about it and says he was much affected by her deterrence. She comes to hold his hands and says nothing happened between them, they only slept unconscious. She herself came near to him last night, he didn’t break any limits. Mukhi ji says he won’t even break it, and asks her for promise she would never speak about leaving him again. Aru says their lives are now connected forever and hugs him. He says its always she who moves towards him, Aru says this is her right.
At night, a lady in veil walked down the street. It

was Rami who gets her face revealed because of heavy wind. She reaches a Swami and says she has been helpless, even Mukhi loves her. Swami suggests her not to play any trick until the new moon, and must let the metal get hotter.
The next morning, Mukhi ji brings tea. Chamo was mew outside. He opens the door for it and speaks to it that Aru would fight if she is disturbed, he sends Chamo outside into the balcony again and sips his tea. He tries to create least noise still Aru wakes up, she calls him to let her sleep. Mukhi ji says she is awake, it’s good then and snatches her blanket. Aru says she doesn’t want to wake up because of such disturbance. He gets to set the room. Aru wakes up and throws everything around saying she will herself set it. She argues Mukhi ji why she has to go outside the house for toilet even. Mukhi ji asks why she is irritated early morning. Aru leaves annoyed.
On the way back from toilet some people had gathered and carry an unconscious girl. Aru was worried. Rami comes outside. A man around tells them that the girl was bitten by snake, she went away into the fields for toilet. Aru was worried. Aru meets the lady’s daughter who says she watched the snake. The doctor thanks Aru for bringing the girl who helped them identify the snake and poison. Mukhi ji was happy as everyone was thankful to Aru.
On the way back, Mukhi ji carries an umbrella for Aru and tells him to walk slowly. He appreciates her attempt, everyone was thankful to her like a film heroine. Aru was upset and stares at him angrily, Mukhi ji comments she is being a true heroine. A man nearby was selling corns, Mukhi ji daydreams about dancing with her. He later comes to her and apologizes for morning. Aru tells Mukhi ji she isn’t upset about morning argument, she says it is shameful that women have to go toilet in open. He must have provided the villagers this facility like they got cell phones with advancements.
At home, Rami scolded the lady’s husband why his wife didn’t take a herb with her. Mukhi ji tells her to give some money as help. Aru asks if giving money would be enough. Rami tells Hari to advice his wife take a herb the next time. Aru stops him and asks about the herb. Rami says this is a tip, whenever there is a snake around one must carry this herb. Aru asks in which world they live, there would be more snakes in rainy season. Rami was sentimental that Aru is insulting her. Mukhi says they will speak about it later. Aru insists when they would speak about it, when another woman is attacked. Aru insists woman’s safety is much important for them, there must be toilets in the house. Rami counters they plant Tulsi in the house, who would construct toilet inside the house. Aru insists they must remove windows and doors from the house, if a woman has to keep her respect at stake and go outside the house. They must let the grace of woman played. If they respect women they must construct toilets in their houses. Rami says they must question the women of village. Aru asks what trouble they would have, if it brings comfort in their life. The ladies reply they don’t want toilets into their houses, they can’t bear it. Rami winks at Aru victoriously.

PRECAP: Aru comes to speak to ladies, they say if there is temple at home they can’t think about toilets there. Rami angrily tells Mukhi to make a property division. Mukhi was moved by her demand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    This rami is such an idiot.. being a lady she is fighting that they can’t have toilet facilities.. shame oh her..???????

  2. This is a good serial in Sony. I love to watch it along with the next serial Peshwa Bajirao.

  3. this story is so romantic, and moves a chord always.

  4. Janhvi Pandya

    I love this show…the chemistry between Mukhi n aru is awesome…I juz can’t miss a single episode…keep going

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