Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji tells Rami that her importance can never be removed by someone’s arrival. Arjun takes Rami while Aru goes to the room. Mukhi asks Arjun how all the women got drunk, he assures Mukhi that he would find out. Mukhi says Mastana must know about it, Arjun calls he shouldn’t come but Mastana comes there. His hand shiver as he presents Mukhi with the glass of milk. Mukhi takes a glass and gulps it in, Mastana was upset that Mukhi ji had gulped the last left over glass. Mukhi ji hears Aru’s call and goes towards the room.
At the door of the room, Mukhi feels dizzy. Aru comes towards him and dances around. Mukhi ji fell on the floor, then stands up laughing, wrapped in a dupatta. He fell over the bed while Aru fell over himself. Both look into each other’s eyes.
The next

morning, Aru wakes up sleeping over Mukhi ji’s chest. They were shocked to see each other and the condition each was in. Mukhi ji points she came to his side, Aru asks what happened last night. Mukhi ji stands up in shock and denies anything. Both blame each other. Mukhi ji was furious and says Aru must have done that.
Arjun comes to Rami’s room singing. Rami had severe head ache. Arjun tells Rami he saved her last night; had he taken her vow not to take his help serious, what would have happened to her. He says she would always need him and gets her lemonade to get over the hang over. Rami wonders if Mukhi had a doubt about anything.
Mukhi ji comes to the room thinking he can’t remember anything. He goes to bathroom, the bolt breaks. He calls Aru not to come inside, the bolt isn’t working. Aru wasn’t in the room. Aru comes to Rami who had severe head ache, Aru asks her about Mukhi ji. Rami thinks if she says a no, she might take her to Mukhi and says yes, Mukhi was going to Panchait then. Aru wonders why was she nervous, she comes to the room and heads towards the bathroom for a bath. Mukhi ji stands up at once. Both taunt each other again.
Downstairs, Mukhi made Mastana do sit stand for making all the village women drunk. Aru thinks he was mistaken himself and is now scolding Mastana. She comes to the kitchen, Sharabi offers help but Aru scolds her as she wants complete silence in the kitchen. Mukhi comes in and watches Sharabi going outside. He pours water for himself. Aru’s dupatta was stuck behind, she doesn’t turn around and asks what he is doing. Aru tells him to leave it, Mukhi ji finds it stuck with a nail and gets it off. Aru turns to find him holding it and blames him again. Mukhi stops her saying he doesn’t do such cheap things. Aru thinks about placing a cell phone for proof. In the room, she tells Mukhi ji about the proof and says there is a video recording of whatever happened last night. Mukhi was disgusted as she videographed what happened last night. Aru explains she wanted to record something else, but now it will be cleared who took advantage last night. He then gets the matter seriously and tells her to play now, but leaves. Aru convince herself to watch the video, she comes to Mukhi ji outside and cries saying he called her a liar and wanted this all. She hands him the phone and says if he watches the proof he will find out who kept an eye on the other, he didn’t left her worth anything. Mukhi ji was upset and convince her not to think like this, he can’t dream of doing anything wrong with her. Aru says Mukhi ji did what he wanted to, she won’t stay here for another moment now.

PRECAP: Rami says whenever a snake comes, they take a herb to washroom. Aru insists women’s protection is more important, there must be toilets in the houses.

Update Credit to: Sona

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