Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laal jee was looking at Aru with curiosity, something makes a sound. Aru turns to see by the time she turns back he was gone.
Aru was not going to open the door as she was very mad at Mukhi, she wanted him to suffer.
IN THE MORNING Aru opened the door, she couldn’t find Mukhi, she ended up blaming herself. She was sorry that Mukhi is 42 years old he might have got injured jumping down when she saw Mukhi sitting on the bench. Aru remembers that she was to see Dharmi’s video.
Aru went to Rami ben’s room, she wasn’t there. Aru finds the camera. She was watching Dharmi’s video when Ram ben comes from behind. Aru apologizes her for coming inside, Aru starts watching the video again when screen goes blank. Rami ben was happy that she removed the rest of Dharmi’s recording.

Rami ben snatches the camera from Aru’s hand and try to make her understand she must forget about Dharmi. People already don’t belief Aru as she is thief’s sister. Rami ben tells her that no one is going to belief her. She tells her to go outside, she must do preparation for Mishri’s wedding.
Mishri’s father in law was asking Mukhi if what he is doing is under any pressure. Mukhi tells him that all of her sister are right full owner of his family’s property. Mukhi gives him papers of a plot which has been named after Mishri. Mishri refuses to take it, her mother in law tells her to never say no to a brother. Aru realises that she was only greedy for the wealth, she must have eyes on them.
Rami ben was upset in her room when Sharabi gives her a note from Laal jee in which he tells her that Mukhi had warned everyone to not let Laal jee enter his village and about him being Mukhi’s enemie. Rami ben tells Sharabi to take her note as well.
Rami ben takes Laal jeee to a small store room telling him to stay here. Laal jee was to stay here in Mukhi’s hose. Laal jee tells Rami ben that Aru saw her yesterday outside. Rami ben was shocked. Laal jee tells her to stay calm as he knows how to play along. Rami ben. Rami ben tells Laal jee tht her next plan is to make Mishri hate Mukhi as she is the closest one to Muhki.
The nest morning, Aru was wondering about whom Dharmi was talking to in the video. Mukhi asks for the permission to come inside. He didn’t see Aru and comes inside. He was finding Aru under the bed. Aru tells him that she is not Chammo who will sleep under the bed. Mukhi asks her was she in a bet with someone as she is awake. Aru tells him that she worried. Mukhi teases her about that. Aru tells him that she has put his clothes in the last shelf. Mukhi shouts at her and tells her not to try being his wife, Aru throws his clothes outside and tells him that is not. Mukhi leaves giving her a stare. Aru imitates Mukhi. Aru wonders who called Rami ben the other day if it really was her friend for Dharmi.
Mastana was trying to tell something to Sharabi. Aru saw Rami ben’s phone she called on her number to see if she was right. Sharabi went to attend the call Aru asks Sharabi that she will give it to Rami ben she must carry on with her work. Aru checks the call register, she saw Dharmi’s name but it was not her number. She was sure about Rami ben’s friend, she leaves.
Aru went to the kitchen to Bhabi, se asks for Rami ben when there was a short circuit. Aru tells her that she will fix it as Mastana is not here. Bhabi warns her not to do such things as she was frightened by it. Aru calms her down telling her that she used to fix such short circuits a lot.
Aru was on her way to fix the fuse.
Rami ben was singing when Bhabi tells her that she is very happy to see her in open hair after a long time. Rami scolds her saying that why she let her go is she a newly wedded girl what if she gets a shock. Rami ben runs to stop her.
Aru hears a voice, she picks a piece of wood and went to see it.

PRECAP: Rami ben tells Mukhi that she is worried for him. People will call her an adopted child, where Mukhi stops her saying that no one will call her that. Rami ben was talking to a girl telling her that she is an orphan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Love seeing more of Aru and Mukhi scene and not Rami Ben & Laal Jee…today’s episode has very less of my favourite!!

  2. New flick of story that marriage will not consider age and circumstances.

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