Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi tells Aru he isn’t used to informing at home, no one waits for him for meals at home. Aru tells him to get used to it now. She leave curtly. Sanvi comes to Mukhi and tells him to say sorry to Aru. In the room, Sanvi shows them two dolls and wish they both live happy like these dolls. She asks them to get ready for the engagement in the evening and leaves the room. Aru again sits to eat.
At night, Aru comes to the mirror ready for engagement. Mukhi ji comes at the door, watching her play with the bangles. She tries to wear her anklet and applies kajal. He tells her to hurry up. Aru asks his help to tie the knots of her blouse. Mukhi ji was reluctant to touch her. Aru thanks him. He smiles replying with a welcome, then calls her Mukhyani to throw her hair at the back, her back is

visible otherwise. She sets her hair and asks him to come along now. Mukhi ji comments the earrings he bought her would have suited. Aru says she remembers when she needs to wear them, and argues he wants this only and considered her gesture to wait for home only false. She turns the female doll’s face away from male’s face. Mukhi ji also angry leaves. Aru places a recording phone on a shelf and says today she will get a proof who disturbs whom at the night.
Everyone welcomes Mukhi and Aru. Arjun takes Mukhi ji inside while Aru stays with the ladies. Rami curtly watches her speak happily to the ladies around. Mukhi ji also watches her from the corner of his eyes. Arjun comes to tease him. Inside, Mukhi ji takes a seat. Arjun bribes Mastana and tells him to bring bhang in six glasses of milk. Sharabi comes to Mastana. He was lost with the thoughts of her and she takes the bhang tray. Inside, Arjun wonders why they aren’t having a hangover. Soon they hear strange noises from the ladies room. Arjun looks towards Mastana angrily. He comes to handle the ladies playing around the room.
Mukhi ji looks around for Aru. She stood upstairs and tries to jump down. Mukhi ji tells her to stop there. Rami cries behind him. He tries to take care of both, then carries Aru home. He make Aru lay on a swing nearby and goes to bring water glass. Rami comes home smiling, Aru greets Rami and sings with her name. Rami was furious looking towards Aru. Aru places a finger over her mouth. Rami says she can never forgive Aru, she cries saying Aru snatched her love from her even her Lal ji. Mukhi ji had come with the glass of water and hears Rami’s words. Rami was about to suffocate Aru by holding her neck, Aru coughed badly. Arjun came outside and watched Rami and Aru. He runs to save Aru while Mukhi ji also comes there. Arjun brings Rami aside and says in the afternoon she was saying the same to him as well, and now Aru. Mukhi asks what she was saying. Who snatched her love, which love? Arjun says it’s her love for Mukhi, and explains every sister thinks the same when a brother gets married.
Aru had come there, Rami attacks Aru saying she attempted a lot of time. Mukhi wonders what Rami wants to say for so many times.

PRECAP: Aru lay over Mukhi ji at night. They wake up in the morning to a shock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Bhang ka nasha hahaha.. just loved episode.. but tomorrow will be ddlj copy and aru’s plan will backfire as her funny recording will record????

  2. I hate this story. and the episodes. doesn’t anyone fine it disgusting seeing the relation between such an old uneducated village man and a young girl who is stupid enough to get herself into this mess? On top of it they show their “love” story. Slurping tea from the saucer and stuff. Earlier Aru was at least from the city and educated. Now she is not even that. She is just an idiotic country woman just like Mukhi. Squat together and slurp tea together. What nonsense!

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