Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri reads Deep’s note to meet him near the pool at 8pm.
Rami watches the video in handicam and thinks Aru must not watch this, else she would suspect Dharmi ran away upon someone’s force. Sharabi comes to her with milk and tells her that Lal wants to meet her. Aru comes to the room then and asks to watch the video. Rami says its not working, Aru takes that from her hand and plays the video. Rami asks to watch it and points towards Sharabi. Sharabi asks Aru to take milk for Mukhi. Aru tells Sharabi to go instead. Rami asks why she doesnt take care of her husband by herself. Sharabi leaves to meet Mastana.
In the corridor, Aru wonders why Rami doesnt want her to watch the video. She comes to the room and thinks Mukhi must be in the veranda, its his new room. She comes

to the veranda and was afraid of Chammo. Aru backs up and hides behind Mukhi. Mukhi ties her arms in front of him, then turns Chammo the other side. Mastana comes to veranda, he thinks about locking the door as Chammo might enter the room and spoil everything. Aru was worried how the door got knocked and calls someone to open the door. Mukhi holds her back and shuts her mouth. He asks her to shut up, else everyone might know he is sleeping on veranda. Aru says she doesn’t care, she has to go inside. She knocks at the door and hurts her hand with a nail, Mukhi tries to remove it. She tells him not to be her husband but was teased by Chammo again. Aru hides behind Mukhi, he goes aside worried. Aru wonders how she must get away from here.
Deep and Mishri were together. Mishri was upset for Mukhi. Deep asks her to smile a bit for him, they had been away for long. He presents her with a box of gift, then opens his bag for flowers. Mishri doesn’t smile. He looks around and using it as a mike, he presents her with a song. He then plays a song on radio. Mishri was worried that even Mukhi’s room is nearby, what if he finds it. Deep says he has decided and doesn’t care. The song ‘Socho kabhi esa ho tou kya ho’.
There, Aru was worried about not wanting to spend the night with this goat on the veranda. She was hitting the door when Chammo comes right behind her. She fell over Mukhi. Their ear pendants gets interlocked. She removes it and gets straightened. Mukhi suggests her to jump off the roof holding his hand. Aru says in Ahmedabad all her mornings started with jumping off the roof, selling dupattas and even match makings. She looks towards the goat and decides to agree to Mukhi and hold his hand, Mukhi had left by then.
After the song, Mishri was cheerful. Deep asks her for a kiss as his gift, she says he didn’t sing as well.
Sharabi and Mastana were looking for each other. Mishri watches Mastana and hides behind a wall. Mastana thinks this is Sharabi. Mishri was standing with her back at Mastana and wonders what he is doing here. She sends Mastana to the other side by pointing her finger and wonders how that note reached Mastana.
Aru was irked that Mukhi left her alone. She gathers courage that there is grass downstairs. Mastana had climbed over the same grass Aru intended to jump. As Aru jumps, Mastana screams from under the grass. Aru takes her chunri over herself and dances around, making Mastana afraid.
Rami and Lal sense there is something wrong. Rami sends Lal away.
There, on the way Mastana meets Deep and asks what he is doing here. Deep says he heard something and left. He comes behind Mishri and asks why is she running. Mishri says they must run away from here before someone watches them.
Aru was running across the street when she hits Lal.


PRECAP: Rami watches Aru as she was finds Dharmi’s call on Rami’s number. Later, Rami tells Lal she would do something that will make Mishri hate Mukhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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