Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji drives alone towards Amboli. He watches Aru in every other girl. There, Aru stops his jeep on a bike. She held a suitcase. Mukhi ji touches her face asking if she is really there. Aru asks what this means. He was unable to explain. Aru complains he didn’t reply her, she asked if he would be able to live away from her. All her dreams are now connected to him and hugs him. She says if he is with her nothing would be difficult. Mukhi ji finally hugs her.
Rami welcomes Mukhi and Aru. Arjun taunts at her for being weepy, is she sad about the kidnapping. He asks if they got to know who kidnapped them. Mukhi says he would surely find out who did this. Rami says she only wanted they have come home safe. Aru held Mukhi ji’s hand behind and doesn’t leave it. Rami tells Mukhi to eat

the gourd, Mukhi ji tries to pick it with left hand. Rami points to take it from the right hand. Sanvi comes and points that Aru has held Mukhi’s hand. She notices they are shy like newly married, and tells them to go and sleep as there is an engagement function tomorrow. Rami asks about milk. Aru and Mukhi laugh together. Sanvi says there must be something personal about it.
Mukhi ji and Aru come to the room, they look at each other and jumps onto the bed saying it would belong to the one reaching before. Mukhi ji asks to sleep here together. Aru asks what if he loses himself, he says she would do that. They lay together.
Arjun comes to Rami’s room laughing about her dramas. He points that whatever belonged to Mukhi earlier is half Aru’s now, he offers her help. Rami says she wouldn’t need Arjun. Arjun says Aru and Mukhi have fallen in love and love has great power. Aru would always save Mukhi and all of Rami’s tricks have failed. Rami tells Arjun to leave, she would never need him.
At night, Aru places her hand over Mukhi ji’s chest. He removes it. She then places a leg over him. He turns the side. She hugs him from behind. He smiles watching her asleep so close. Aru finally pushes him down the bed and turns her side.
In the morning, Aru wakes up and find Mukhi ji wasn’t on the bed. She wakes Mukhi ji asking why is he sleeping on the floor. He had been fighting for the bed last night. Mukhi ji tells Aru she pushed him down the bed. Aru wasn’t ready to accept that she moved clockwise. Aru says she must have moved only inches on the bed. She finds a solution to the matter, takes a sheet from the wardrobe and makes a curtain in half bed. Rami watches this curtly.
Rami comes to kitchen and asks what she is doing. Aru says she was really hungry and is eating. Rami asks her to wait for Mukhi, since they have accepted each other then she must wait for him as a good wife. She must take care about petty matters. Aru agrees. Rami thinks Mukhi’s panchait has open court today, he will never reach in time. Aru was hungry and waits for Mukhi ji for hours. She was about to take a bite finally after two hours, she stops him. Mukhi tells Aru he has eaten already, there is open court in Panchait today and he has eaten there. Aru spills the whole bowl over his head and complains for not fulfilling any of the rights of a husband.

PRECAP: Aru had a hangover. Rami curses her. Mukhi ji hears Rami accusing Aru for losing Lal ji.

Update Credit to: Sona

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